MultCo GOP is more than happy to show you how stupid they think you are

Carla Axtman

(With apologies to Ms Samuelson, that should have read Ms. Gurney. Change reflected in the post.--CA)

As if the Multnomah County GOP hadn't already demonstrated just how far out of touch they are with the vast majority of residents, they decide to double down on the idea by once again rafflling a gun to raise money. This time they're pretending it's a way to honor Abe Lincoln and MLK. Or at least they get to say their names when they flog their fundraiser.

Cornelius Swart,

"We are allowed to be armed,” said Anne Marie Gurney of the Multnomah County GOP. “And however we want to use that [right], whether we want to hunt, whether we want to protect ourselves, or whatever, to celebrate our rights."

Some Portland residents said it’s not the right way to honor Lincoln and King.

"Because they died from an assassin's bullet,” Kathy Samuelson said. “It doesn't seem appropriate that that would be the kind of gift or prize to be raffling off."

Bill Wood thought maybe another prize could have been selected.

“It probably wasn’t a good choice to raffle a gun off,” said Wood. “They could think of something else I’m sure.”

The first 500 tickets sold out quickly. If the party sells another 500, another prize AR-15 will be awarded.

Ms Gurney Samuelson clearly thinks we're all stupid enough to buy this tripe. This is about being provocative and getting lots of PR so that people will give them money. Nothing more. I actually went back and forth with Kari on whether or not to even cover this story because of that.

Therefore, may I humbly suggest that you throw some dollars RIGHT NOW toward the local progressive cause or candidate of your choice. Or you could help us keep this blog running by throwing some money our way. Let's turn this evil BS into something good.

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