New poll: Big majority of Oregonians favor expanding background checks

Carla Axtman

Time to get this done, Oregon Legislature.

Statesman Journal: Poll shows 78 percent of Oregonians favor background checks for gun sales:

Nearly four out of five Oregonians favor requiring a criminal background check to buy a gun, according to a recent Public Policy Polling survey.

The poll asked 710 voters in the Beaver State whether they supported or opposed requiring a criminal background check before a person could buy a firearm – 78 percent were in favor, 17 percent opposed and 4 percent of respondents weren’t sure.

Just to add a little insult to injury for anti-gun safety crowd, 50 percent of Oregonians said they would be less likely to support a legislator who opposed expanding background checks.

Let's put on some heat, Oregon. SIGN THE PETITION. We've already sent almost 2000 signatures off to the legislature on this. Let's send another monster batch over there and let them know we're watching.

And for anyone who complains that the questions didn't include "expanding"...please. Raise your hand if you truly believe anyone who answered "yes" to background checks would say otherwise when presented with "background checks for private sales".

If your hand is up, you're doing it wrong.

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