BREAKING: Marriage Ban struck down

Carla Axtman

The ban on same-sex marriage in Oregon has been overturned. Moments ago, Judge Michael McShane struck down the ban.

The order is effective immediately. That appears to mean means that same-sex couples can begin marrying right away.

Stay tuned to this post. As more information comes in, we'll add it to this.

12:45PM: The judge's ruling can be read here.

1:00PM: Some excerpts from statements from leaders around the state:

Governor Kitzhaber:

This is a major step for Oregon and our constant struggle to live up to our ideals of freedom and equality for all. Every Oregonian will now have the right to make a legal commitment to the person that they love.

In the coming days, I'll be working to ensure that the process is smooth for all those who have been waiting for so many years for this day to come.

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian:

And as always, I will continue to hold those responsible that violate the rights of Oregonians and enthusiastically support those that go the extra mile for fairness.

Senate President Peter Courtney:

Marriage equality is about fairness. It’s about justice. It’s about caring.

Senate Majority Leader Diane Rosenbaum:

Today marks a monumental step toward greater equality for Oregon. No longer will committed couples be denied the freedom to marry their loved one and receive all of the benefits of a recognized marriage. Like many Oregonians, today I am celebrating the end of an era of discrimination and the beginning of a brighter and more equal future for all Oregonians. Monday May 19th is one of the brightest days in Oregon's history – this day is about love and justice for all Oregonians.

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek:

Today’s historic ruling means that all Oregonians will have the legal right to marry the person they love. The ruling affirms that the public promise of love and lifetime commitment should be available to everyone. This is the ruling our state deserves because Oregonians believe in equality and fairness. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. After a ten year engagement, my partner Aimee and I are thrilled to join the many other Oregon couples getting married this year.

House Majority Leader Val Hoyle:

I married the person who I love over 22 years ago, and I’m thrilled that all Oregonians now have the freedom to do the same. Still, it took decades of work to get us to today’s victory. Congratulations to the tens of thousands of Oregonians who have fought for the freedom to marry, and to all of the loving, committed couples who can now get married here in Oregon.

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