Rachel Maddow: There is not a state GOP anywhere "that is more bizarre" than Oregon's.

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Oh boy, here we go. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has discovered all the weird and crazy people that populate Republican politics in Oregon. As she put it, we've got an "unexpectedly high wackadoo factor".

Maddow's money quote: "I do not think it is appreciated broadly enough just how weird Oregon Republican politics have gotten." We know, Rachel, we know.

It starts, of course, with our very own rich crazy person, the Las Vegas sexual hypnotist Loren Parks. Among other things, Maddow has done us all the service of watching all of his crazy hypnosis videos and excerpting the best (worst) parts. Including the one where he sounds a buzzer on YouTube that will apparently help you lose weight.

And, of course, because Parks has been spending money propping up Monica Wehby's campaign, Maddow covers all the twists and turns over the last 100 hours of the campaign.

Maddow also takes note of Art Robinson's bizarre jihad against Peter DeFazio and his recent urine collection efforts. Which would make him sort of eccentric weirdo loner, except that the Oregon GOP elected him their chairman.

Robinson, of course, had his very own reclusive billionaire supporter that we've all heard about.

But the story I didn't know is that there's another gazillionaire now playing in Oregon politics -- I won't spoil it for you, because you have to check it out. It's worth every second, folks.

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