DeFazio: Every time gas prices go up, Republicans pass imaginary legislation. It's Groundhog Day in June!

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Remember "Drill, Baby, Drill"?

Well, over the last three years, domestic oil production is up nearly 50% since 2011. Nonetheless, the House Republicans are back with legislation that would remove a bunch of the restrictions on even more drilling -- offshore and on-shore.

Well, you can count on Congressman Peter DeFazio to blowing the whistle on this nonsense. Check out the video.

What's the craziest part of the nonsense?

The legislation, which passed 229 to 189, would actually allow Big Oil to -- wait for it -- ship American oil overseas for export sales.

What?! You read that right. The whole idea behind "Drill, Baby, Drill!" was to make America energy-independent of foreign oil. Now they want to export American crude overseas? That doesn't make us energy independent. That does the exact opposite.

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