The Great Mentioner ponders: Who will run for Secretary of State?

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It's that time. The last couple of weeks of the legislative session. The sine die party is over. The outcomes of most bills are no longer in doubt, except for the handful of "get out of the building" bills that are holding everything up. President Courtney is somewhere, surely telling people he'll keep them in the building over the July 4 holiday if they don't the work done. The interns are running betting pools on sine die.

It's the time when rumors start to fly in the building about who's running for what in the next election.

This year, the Great Mentioner is hard at work tossing out one name after another for Secretary of State. Here's a long list of names that are running, thinking of running, hoping someone will ask them to run, and those that some people are afraid might run. In alpha order:



What do you think? Any names mentioned that I've missed? Want to mention a name yourself?

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