Oregon's Official State Soup

Evan Manvel

One of Salem's most excellent traditions is the Sine Die party and the related videos put together by legislative aides.

While the videos are chock-full of insider jokes, they're fun in their own right, and a good reminder our elected officials are human and full of quirks. The skits are also a reminder hard-working, under paid legislative aides have a fabulous sense of humor (some even have dancing and singing talents).

Here's a link to this year's videos on YouTube.

Beyond the embedded "State Soup" debate video, my other favorite of this year's crop is "Shake it Off (Kicker Edition)." There's also a set of "Legislators Read Mean E-mails."

Here are 2013's videos and 2011's videos.

And for the junkies, here's a blast from 2007: Rep. Schaufler's The Godfather.


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