Bernie Sanders draws 28,000 in Portland

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Last night, 28,000 people flocked to the rally for Senator Bernie Sanders at the Rose Garden Moda Center. 19,000 made it inside, while another 9000 waited outside. That's a record for the Sanders campaign.

The event came a day after a Medicare event in Seattle featuring Sanders was disrupted by Black Lives Matter activists. Some hours before the Portland rally, the Sanders campaign released his racial justice policy agenda.

In Portland, Sanders talked about his racial justice agenda -- as well as his economic program, health care, campaign finance reform, trade, and foreign policy.

While the official video has been muted by YouTube (apparently there's a song that violates someone's copyright) you can see the speech in a ten-part video series from the Oregonian.

Update: We've now got the full video. Check it out!

Were you there? What did you think? I'm particularly curious about anyone that arrived intrigued-but-undecided -- did his speech convince you to support him?

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