Is Vance Day clowning the media? (Updated: YES.)

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Is Vance Day clowning the media? (Updated: YES.)

Vance Day

In the wake of the controversy over Kentucky's Kim Davis, the county clerk that refused to provide marriage licenses to same-sex couples, we've got our own version right here in Oregon.

Marion County Judge Vance Day (a former state GOP chairman) says he quit performing marriages last spring to avoid performing same-sex marriages.

But lots of judges don't perform marriages. So, why is he under investigation by the state Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability? They won't say; investigations are sealed until there's a public hearing. (Update below.)

But Day's spokesman admits there are multiple allegations against the judge. He calls the marriage complaint the "weightiest" allegation -- but here's what you need to know: None of this came to light until last week, when Day got permission to launch a legal defense fund.

It sure does seem fortuitous timing that Day created his legal defense fund right when the Kim Davis controversy was exploding.

I've got dollars-to-donuts here that the allegations against Day are much more pedestrian and his own spokesman is pointing the finger at the marriage controversy to gin up fundraising.

Update: And now we know. In addition to the marriage stuff...

According to the commission the allegations include:

-- Falsely telling the commission, related to an investigation of complaints about him, that he was grabbed by the shoulders from behind without warning while attending his son's soccer game.

-- Falsely claiming he didn't know that a veteran in Veteran's Court, over which he presided, had a felony conviction.

-- Allowing that veteran to handle guns even though the judge had no authority to waive the state's prohibition against felons owning or using firearms.

-- Hanging up a picture of Hitler in the courthouse.

-- Taking money from lawyers, some who appeared before him in court, to sponsor veteran-related wall hangings in the courthouse hallways.

Read the entire complaint, and Judge Day's response here.

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