Russell Sadler

For more than 30 years, Russell Sadler's daily radio and television commentaries were heard on broadcast stations in Oregon, Southwest Washington and Northern California. His weekly newspaper column appeared regularly in many newspapers throughout the region. Today, he lives aboard a 30-foot trawler and travels regularly to Salem, Eugene, and Ashland. Sadler is a registered independent.

June 17, 2006Pharmacy Board on a Slippery Slope
June 11, 2006Oregon Republicans Levy Birth Tax
June 04, 2006Mary Starrett Runs... Pass the popcorn!
May 28, 2006Clean nuclear power? Same ol' song and dance.
May 21, 2006Glenn Jackson, $3 gasoline, and mass transit
May 14, 2006If money is speech, Loren Parks has the biggest megaphone
May 07, 2006When independents run for governor
April 23, 2006Westlund: a prescription for ending paralysis
April 16, 2006Sixty years of immigration policy
April 09, 2006Change and the Resistance to Change
April 02, 2006Demonizing Land Use Planning
March 26, 2006The Origins of Higher Education in Oregon
March 19, 2006Raising tuition, closing campuses, and the Oregon Brain Drain
March 12, 2006Kicker? The state has no surplus.
March 05, 2006Seeing the Forest for the Trees
February 26, 2006Can Westlund break the partisan paralysis?
February 12, 2006When forests burn, part 2
February 05, 2006When forests burn
January 29, 2006Graveyard of the Pacific; Gateway to the Northwest
January 22, 2006Paying for Population Growth
January 15, 2006Darwin vs. Genesis: what about our students?
January 08, 2006Toward an independent judiciary
January 01, 2006Happy New Year
December 25, 2005Alaska: Show Us The Money!
December 24, 2005Christmas Trees
December 11, 2005The rule of law
December 04, 2005We made promises. We should keep them.
November 27, 2005Charity isn't enough
November 20, 2005Has tax-cut fever broken?
November 13, 2005Subsidizing Alaska
October 30, 2005Oregon's assisted suicide law and the Supreme Court
October 23, 2005Constitutional checks and balances
October 16, 2005Have Patience, Ashland
October 02, 2005On Party Discipline
September 18, 2005$2 billion a day
September 11, 2005Drowning government in the bathtub
September 02, 2005When Tom McCall turned out the lights
August 21, 2005Oregon Supreme Court: we ain't buyin' yer right-wing theories
August 07, 2005Our childish legislature
July 24, 2005Real healthy forests
July 17, 2005Driving under the influence... of your phone
July 03, 2005"After 25 years, I am no longer a Republican." -James Chaney
June 19, 2005The mileage tax: coming soon?
June 12, 2005Here's to Judge Bridges
June 05, 2005DeFazio's Fight Against CAFTA
May 30, 2005The Once and Future Land of Promise
May 22, 2005This land is our land.
May 15, 2005Keep your religion off the state's license plates
May 08, 2005Remembering Roy Lieuallen
May 01, 2005Medford, Eugene, and Airline Deregulation

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