Russell Sadler

For more than 30 years, Russell Sadler's daily radio and television commentaries were heard on broadcast stations in Oregon, Southwest Washington and Northern California. His weekly newspaper column appeared regularly in many newspapers throughout the region. Today, he lives aboard a 30-foot trawler and travels regularly to Salem, Eugene, and Ashland. Sadler is a registered independent.

April 24, 2005No, you can't decide for yourself
April 17, 2005Karen Minnis doesn't play well with others
April 10, 2005Cut the state universities loose
April 03, 2005The Constitutional Crisis in our Schools
March 27, 2005Rearranging the deck chairs
March 20, 2005Keeping Oregon from Crumbling
March 13, 2005What it takes to be Governor
March 06, 2005The Unexpected Face of Measure 37
February 27, 2005Blaming the Owl
February 20, 2005Balancing Oregon's Books
February 13, 2005A stark choice for Gordon Smith

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