Campaign teams hint at how Dudley, Kitzhaber would run state


Republican Dudley's strategists stick to a few issues, while Democrat Kitzhaber's campaign more resembles a policy seminar

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    Fascinating article. Anyone else notice that Team Dudley is made up of highly paid out of state consultants, mostly from the failed candidacies of McCain, Gordon Smith and other national Repubs? This dovetails nicely with the fact that a lot of Dudley money is pouring in from out of state to attempt to put a Republican governor in our (mostly) blue state. Contrast this with Team Kitz where every major campaign advisor featured is an Oregonian and has worked hard for progressive causes and for the common good. And I know Kitz money is primarily being raised by grass-roots means such as house parties and through Oregonian progressive organizations around our state. The take-away here: vote Dudley if you want a Governor financed by right-leaning out of state interests; vote Kitzhaber if you want our state to be the hands of Oregonians who care about our state and its people.

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