Allen Alley wins endorsement from group opposing illegal immigration

Jeff Mapes, Oregonian:

A group taking a tough stand against illegal immigration is endorsing Allen Alley in the race for Oregon governor - and taking shots at Alley's rival, Chris Dudley.

Read the full article here. Discuss below.

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    John Kitzhaber won endorsement from the group opposing illegal immigration reform as well. Congratulations John!

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    what does "Dudley's spokeswoman, Brittany Bramell, said in an e-mail that Dudley 'supports secure and effective mechanisms to ensure the law is enforced whether they are electronic or otherwise.'" mean?

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      Thats kind of a bizarre comment isn't it? Maybe he wants to round up all of the illegal aliens and put a chip in their arm ...or send them home with ankle bracelets w/ GPS zone alarms lol

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