Oregon House candidates spend at record pace; total legislative campaign spending reaches nearly $23 million

Jeff Mapes, Oregonian:

The high-spending battle for control of the Oregon Legislature produced seven races costing at least $1 million and record levels of spending in the House.

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    ten years ago they were spending around 1/10th this amount. Healthcare inflation pales by comparison.

    Here are the legislative races in which more than $1 million was spent by or on behalf of the candidates: 1. Senate District 25: Gresham Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson, D: $761,000 Scott Hansen, R: $575,000 Total: $1.34 million 2. House District 29: Hillsboro Democrat Ben Unger: $637,000 Rep. Katie Eyre, R: $613,000 Total: $1.25 million 3. Senate District 5: South Coast Arnie Roblan, D: $735,000 Scott Roberts, R: $470,000 Total: $1.2 million 4. House District 49: East Multnomah County Chris Gorsek, D: $547,000 Rep. Matt Wand, R: $628,000 Total: $1.18 million 5. House District 51: Clackamas-Multnomah counties Shemia Fagan, D: $718,000 Rep. Patrick Sheehan, R: $453,000 Total: $1.17 million 6. House District 30: Hillsboro Joe Gallegos, D: $606,000 Rep. Shawn Lindsay, R: $517,000 Total: $1.12 million 7. House District 40: Gladstone-Oregon City Brent Barton, D: $619,000 Steve Newgard, R: $466,000 Total: $1.1 million winner

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