Kitzhaber recommends no Oregon local school taxes


Gov. John Kitzhaber has recommended that school districts avoid new local taxes — but he's not going to oppose them.

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    Kitzhaber is suggesting that local school levies might get in the way of long term educational reform. I agree (although my reforms are probably different than Kitzhaber's). See here.

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      It looks like the Eugene City Council (I live in Eugene) will be voting next week to send a progressive income tax to the May ballot. If it passes is expected to generate between 10 and 20 million annually and will expire in 6 years. Our budget gap is about 30 million...enormous for our district. Even if it passes we'll have school closings, lots of teachers fired, fewer days of school in already crowded classrooms and short school year. And you and the Gov. say don't do it?

      The anti-government right-wingers are already gearing up for their anti school tax campaign. I was extremely disappointed to have my Democratic Governor provide assistance to the anti-tax conservatives. When he recommends that districts avoid any taxes, he can't say that he doesn't oppose them. He may not actively campaign against them but he has clearly taken a position against them.

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    Retrofitting schools is a good idea (if done right).

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