Portland City Hall roundup: Will the Portland Public Schools campaign raise more than Jim Francesconi's $1 million mayoral bid?


Seven years ago, Portland Commissioner Jim Francesconi raised more than $1 million in the primary -- but Tom Potter still collected more votes and eventually won the raise. Voters had to pick between opponents then -- not decide whether to raise their own taxes -- but campaign money seemed to play a role then. Will it now?

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    Those that will get possible contracts from the construction projects may enable PPS, through campaign contributions, to hang on to the educational status quo in Portland. We need more change. The status quo is outdated, inadequate, and inefficient. More money alone will not fix it. We must do better. Vote "No."

    For why I'm campaigning against both levies, see here.

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    So your point is that my children (two currently, thank God my second of four is graduating) should be resigned to outdated technology, overburdened classrooms, heated by boilers that have long outlived their purpose, using inadequate athletic facilities, and in danger of dying in an earthquake because of ...

    the lack of a sufficiently large Mandarin immersion program??

    Wow. If that is not a baby / bathwater argument, I don't know what is.

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