Technology, not taxes, closes business.

Albany Democrat-Herald:

Oberto Sausage Company will close its Albany manufacturing plant at 3209 Pacific Blvd. S.E. in August, company president Tom Ennis of Kent, Wash., announced Friday.

The company’s main plant in Kent has advanced its technological capabilities to the point that it can absorb the local sausage production, according to a prepared statement.

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    This is so true. We missed a chance to realize as much after Y2K. Nothing happened. Much. I attribute the turn-down in computer industry fortunes over the last decade directly to Y2K. There were lots of dollars being spent on maintaining old hardware, writing patches for code, etc. Many simply bought new stuff to avoid Y2K.

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    Funny, but taxes weren't mentioned in the article at all.

    A better title would have been: "In these uncertain times, businesses are doing everything they can to try to keep their doors open."

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