Portland mayoral candidate Charlie Hales lists Washington address on taxes but votes in Oregon


The former Portland city commissioner said he and his wife lived in Stevenson, Wash., and a condo on Hayden Island but filed joint federal and Oregon tax returns as residents of Washington.

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    OK, now this is ridiculous. I've heard some good things about Charlie Hales, but anyone who plans to run for public office should know this kind of "I'm only doing what my accountant told me to do" excuse is going to smell bad at the polls.

    Personally, I resent being asked to overlook this kind of tax dodging. Pay taxes in Oregon like the rest of us, and please stop blaming your accountant. That's money you're taking out of schools and other public services. In my opinion, there's just no excuse. Definitely a big character issue for me.

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      Exactly. Make your choice. Either follow the dictates of your tax accountant, and run in the same damn place you file taxes, or else take the financial hit and keep in mind that you want to run for office.

      In either case, I also resent being asked to overlook this sort of tax dodging. That's poor citizenship on the part of a candidate, and I really dislike it.

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