Schools hope for state, federal help


Although Oregon's 198 school districts have been told exactly how much state aid they stand to lose as a result of a pending $243 million cut, most haven't decided yet on specific cuts for the next school year.

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    In Oregon, state funding of schools will be cut $243 million next school year as a result of Governor Kulongoski’s across the board 9% cut. There is a bill before Congress, supported by President Obama, which would restore $230 million of that to schools.

    Not only is that $230 million needed to keep school running, it’s need to keep Oregon’s economy running, helping us dig our way out of high unemployment. Much of that $230 stimulus would be spent in local Oregon businesses. We need more fiscal stimulus. States cannot run deficits, only the federal government can. Short term we do need to run up deficits to get out of our national recession. Long term we need to get our deficits way down. It is important to make the short versus long term distinction.

    Something even Kent Hunsaker, Executive Director of the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators, seems to have forgotten in saying "There is a lot of hesitancy to add to the national debt, and rightfully so." Not so!

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