Bonamici Holds Wide Primary Lead in Internal Poll

National Journal:

The first poll in the race, obtained from a Democratic source, shows Bonamici with a 24-point lead over her two closest opponents. Bonamici takes 34 percent of the vote, while state Rep. Brad Witt registers at 10 percent. Oregon state Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian is in single digits with 8 percent.

When the candidates' biographies are listed, Bonamici's lead widens to 29 points, and she has the highest favorability of all the candidates.

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    I think Bonamici is likely to win the Democratic primary, if for no other reason than Avakian and Witt will split the labor vote and she will get an out-sized portion of the women's vote.

    That said, I don't think you can put too much stock in an internal poll that was taken right on the heels of a $100,000 ad buy when none of her opponents were on the air.

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