John Kitzhaber: Oregon first must build a foundation for rebuilding


First, let's state the obvious: Changes in the size, scope, structure and cost of state government must be accompanied by equally important changes in our approach to job creation. During my two terms as governor, we created over 125,000 jobs in Oregon, wages rose by 49 percent, and our state gross annual product rose by 48 percent. As the only candidate with direct experience creating jobs, expanding Oregon businesses and bringing new business investment into Oregon, I have offered a detailed plan to do just that (see I am also developing the Oregon Recapitalization Plan with state Treasurer Ted Wheeler to keep Oregon investment capital in Oregon for our small and medium-sized businesses.

But we have an urgent and immediate challenge: Next year will be perhaps the most difficult in Oregon's history because we are at the low point in state revenue and at the high point in social need. Here is a realistic, step-by-step approach to meet the challenge.

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