Ore. mayor won't resign, files police report instead


UNDATED -- A local mayor has filed a police report following Monday night's city council meeting.Two-term Estacada Mayor Becky Arnold apparently felt personally threatened by comments made on behalf of a group at that meeting. The group is called the "Clackastanie Allied Forces." The woman making the presentation for the group was Dora Morgan. "On behalf of the Clackastanie Allied Forces, we will accept your resignation," Morgan said in front of the council. "Lay down your arms ... or face the dire consequences at the hands of the mainstream voters this fall."The mayor told KOIN she laughed when Morgan asked her to resign. Arnold said she thinks that could have set Morgan off.  Mayor Arnold filed a report with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office after the confrontation. And authorities are taking the comments seriously. Morgan is accused of making vague threats and taking pictures of the mayor's home, then posting those photos on YouTube. Clackamas County sheriff's investigators say it's alarming behavior, but not illegal. Still, they say it could lead to something more serious.  "That is alarming behavior," said Sgt. James Rhodes at the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office. "But again, that by itself is not illegal -- just taking photographs of someone's house, if you do it from a public place [and public] property."As for any verbal threats during Monday night's meeting, Rhodes said those also are not illegal -- because they were just vague threats. However, sheriff's investigators are looking into it. Arnold has been mayor since 2008. She was elected for a second term in November 2010.        -- KOIN Local 6 Reporter Jenny Hansson and Jennifer Meacham contributed to this report.

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