Chris Dudley finds no takers for barbecue diplomacy

Jeff Mapes, Oregonian:

Democrats don't express any interest in joining Republican Chris Dudley for a barbecue at his home on Sunday. While Dudley portrayed it as a way to build bipartisan bonds, House Speaker Dave Hunt, D-Gladstone, said it's just aimed at boosting his campaign.

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    The telling comment is this:

    "The GOP candidate for governor recently invited lawmakers from both parties to attend a barbecue this Sunday at his Lake Oswego home "to get to know each other as people so we are able to work together as leaders."

    Chris Dudley is NOT an Oregon leader; he is a candidate. This is a campaign stunt and part of the "nice guy" MO.

    I'd be somewhat impressed if he were an elected official; he's not, and he shouldn't be.

    Here's some food for thought: Sarah Palin was eminently more qualified when she ran for Gov. of AK than is Chis Dudley right now.

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    Part of his game plan is to "act like a winner." Look for more going through motions as if he were governor-elect. Just tells us that he views this in sports terms; he's trying to draw the other side into "his" game. To him, it's not about governing, but about winning. Oregon needs to insist on a campaign about governing.

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    a golden opportunity wasted.

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    I find this to be lazy, almost tabloid, journalism. It's a non issue made into an issue. If the Oregonian were on a daily basis comparing the positions of the two candidates on the big issues confronting the state, then squeezing this in would be OK. But the Oregonian is not.

    I want to know, for example, how each candidate thinks Oregon can expand its international exports (since that's where our growth opportunities are). And others have lots of other, specific issues. Let's cover them. But no, we have to read about party invitations. Who's being fooled here?

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    I think they should have done it!

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