Chicago is worst tax city for travelers; best: Portland, Ore.

Gary Stoller, USA Today:

The study looked at the 50 U.S. cities with the most air passengers. It found that a typical business traveler pays $101.27 in taxes on average for hotel, rental car and meals during a three-day, two-night stay in Chicago— more than in any other city.

Travelers pay more than $85 in similar taxes during the same length of stay in Seattle, Minneapolis, New York and Boston.

A traveler pays the least amount of taxes — $52.49 — in Portland, Ore. Other cities with taxes less than $55 for a three-day, four-night stay include Fort Lauderdale and Fort Myers, Fla., Honolulu and Detroit.

The study also looked at the 50 busiest airports and found that a traveler would pay more in taxes at New York's JFK than at any other airport: $36.53 during a single day.

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