Progressives can't ignore the fears of the tea party - the real tea party, that is

Anna Griffin, Oregonian:

We progressives might not agree with his solutions, but Geoffrey Ludt's frustrations and fears about the future are genuine and very much bipartisan.

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    Interesting, but I'd already assumed some tea party members would be nice people. The article also seems to play into the straw man (false) perception that progressive don't care for efficient government, about deficits or what kind of future our children have. We do. And we have real answers.

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      The citizens of the USA are soundly rejecting your ideas David. The tea party isn't looking for people who 'care' or are 'concerned" with those issues...they want sopmeone in office who cares enough to fix them and is concerned enough to STOP making bad things worse. That's why Obama will be 4 and out and thats why the Democrats will go down as having blown the largest majority in both houses in the shortest amount of time with the misguided policies and ideas than any other time in american history ...when do you guys figure it out ..your ideas are rejected !

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        I'm a citizen of the USA and I'm not rejecting David's ideas. Speak for yourself, please.

        Incidentally, if Obama isn't reelected, it will have everything to do with his lack of following up on campaign promises and inferences to progressives--not because he wasn't conservative enough.

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