It's hot! Damn hot!

Kenji Sugahara

Yes... it is sweltering. It's already reached 80 degrees in the shade down here in Salem. It's gonna be like the surface of the sun! These are the days I wish the ol house had some A/C. Alas... how many times a year do you really need A/C in Oregon? 4? 5? Hmm... at least I won't be bike racing tomorrow. There's some poor folks racing the Silverton Road Race out toward Silverton. With temps 100+, the temperature above the asphalt will probably be around 105+. Poor riders. I tried riding up a hill in Eugene one day when the temps were 102. Bad idea. Half way up I got off my bike, then laid down in the grass next to the road. I bet some folks wondered if I was dead. While on the biking subject... if you haven't been watching the Tour de France, you've been missing out. Lance kicks butt. Remember to stay cool, don't go biking in the middle of the day (or engage in strenuous exercise), refrain from driving, drink lots of fluids, and wear light colored clothes (the wife almost walked out the door wearing black- oops). Don't forget our furry four legged friends. Keep em cool. My guinea pig is going to get some ice.

  • Jeremy (unverified)

    I have all the blinds closed and carefully placed fans around the house. Naturally the dogs are crashed out and laying as flat as possible infront of the fans. They (the dogs) also seem to enjoy the ice cubes in the water bowl.

  • (Show?)

    It doesn't help me beat the heat, but it keeps me amused: I'm collecting phrases to describe the weather. My current favorite is "hotter than the hinges of hell" but I welcome additions to my collection.

  • tammy (unverified)

    We have two air conditioners, one upstairs and one downstairs. It keeps the hosue a cool 73 degrees. We set up our pool this morning and I'm just getting ready to go join the kdis and hubby in it.

  • Gwen (unverified)

    Rachael, maybe you'll like my husband's favorite way to describe the heat: "hotter than a camel's turd."

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    When you're sweltering in 90 degrees here, remember that it's often 30 degrees hotter in Iraq. But that's a DRY heat.

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    120 degrees is damn hot. shite.

    we hit 104 down here today. gag.

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