Kenji Sugahara

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November 04, 2004Is it time for new blood?
November 02, 2004Too Close to Call
October 28, 2004Missing Explosives
October 19, 2004Michael Moore
October 15, 2004I Hate It When People Don't Do Their Research
October 13, 2004What's Up With That?
October 08, 2004Pro Measure 36
September 01, 2004Ralph Nader Fails to Qualify for Oregon Ballot (updated 9/2)
August 24, 2004Fat, Dumb, AND Hungry?
August 20, 2004The Bush (and 527) Ads
August 17, 2004Ya Cheap Bastards!
August 12, 2004California Gay Marriages Annulled
August 10, 2004Vacation
August 04, 2004What? Are people that bigoted?
August 03, 2004Gay Marriage: The Sky is Falling
July 30, 2004A Rift in Oregon
July 29, 2004Gas = Crack
July 27, 2004Cycling
July 26, 2004Obesity: An Epidemic of Epic Proportions
July 23, 2004It's hot! Damn hot!
July 22, 2004Medical Care? What Medical Care?
July 21, 2004What happened to civility?

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