I Hate It When People Don't Do Their Research

Kenji Sugahara

Dick Cheney is missing from the voting pamphlet and Republicans who haven't done their homework are flying off the handle. According to the AP, John Lindback, state elections director said, "People are jumping to the conclusion that we were playing some sort of political game. Some of the calls are nasty."

Southern Oregon resident Anna Ono, said she thinks it is shameful Cheney isn't in the booklet and she blames Bradbury. She wrote, "[i]n light of all the bad press your office has been getting lately, I would think you could step up and be bipartisan at least for this."

Kevin Mannix defended Sec. State Bradbury. "There was no funny business on their part. The secretary of state's office did their job." The Bush-Cheney campaign decided not to send in material for Cheney to go into the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet.

You wish these folks would do their homework, and stop bugging the Secretary's office. Poor Anne.

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