Michael Moore

Kenji Sugahara

Thought folks might be interesed in some pictures of Michael Moore's visit to Salem yesterday.

A view of the inside.

Michael Moore at the podium.

Anti-Moore protester burning a flag outside.

Note: The protester and inside pics haven't been color corrected. These pics have also been reduced in size. Sorry bout the blur- lighting wasn't the best.

  • Bob R. (unverified)

    Can you tell us more about the flag burning episode? Why is the protestor being taken down? Was he on the wrong side of a barricade?

    • Bob R.
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    Interesting set of circumstances. First he was parading around with a French flag, then stomped on it, and kicked it around. Next, the guy pulls out a UN flag, lights it on fire, and begins parading around the sidewalk with it. (There was no barricade) That's when he was arrested. It's my understanding he wasn't cited for the content of his speech, but for the action of lighting something on fire. (causing a potential fire hazard).

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    Seeing the flag flames ignited my serial fantasy to deface the political signs I see for the 'other' side. Talking arouind, it seems my fantasy is a common dream.

    You can't deface signs on other people's property but you can deface your own signs, can't you?

    So now I need to contact the R's headquarters and request one of their official signs to put in my yard, and then actually to post it in my yard. But with a few added features. (Besides, then the 'opponent' has to pay for new sign inventory.)

    When I play my fantasy game I try to use the subtractive rule. The only change that rule allows is covering up part of the sign. So:

    1 MAN 1 WOMAN -- Yes on 36 (I want to see changed to:) 1 MAN 1 __MAN -- Yes on 36

    (Who does that confuse?)

    Wayne Scott (Rep. state House leader) Wayne S_o_t

    God Bless AMERICA God Bless A_FRICA

    (Reminder its getting to where average-American means African-American. )

    Betsy Close Betsy _lose

    Golda Ameri (or whatever it is) Go __

    BUSHCHENEY (I don't have a good one for this. Ideas?) _US____NEY

    There, thanks, I needed to get that out of my system. Maybe like Michael Moore.


    Side track: Liars Larson today grilling a public employee at work on ESL education: "How long does it take to teach a kid a new language?"
    Schoolma'am employee: "It takes a village. How long is a village?"

    (That's what she should have said -- stuff it Liars. That's not what she really said.)

    Another radio note, the PSA spot with the line "...problem gambling is an illness ...," made me think of "problem hating is an illness" "problem religious righteousness is an illness" "problem Liars is an illness"

    Gotta go. Go Michael Moore.

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    This flag story, btw, is a good example of why flag-burning/desecration laws are stupid. You can basically ban flag burning by 1) outlawing the burning of any cloth in a public place, and 2) mandating that flags be made of flame-resistant material.

    You don't need to single out one kind of political demonstration above all others.

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