What's Up With That?

Kenji Sugahara

Where's the outcry?

A Republican canvasser says he was instructed to only accept Republican registration forms.
A Republican canvasser tells a TV reporter that he "might" destroy forms turned in by Democrats.
Similar voter registration fraud reported in Las Vegas.
Eric Russell, a former Voters Outreach of America employee, tells a TV station he had personally witnessed his supervisor take out Democratic registration forms from the pile and shred them. The company has been largely funded by the Republican National Committee...

I ask you... where is the outcry? What kind of person or persons engage in this conduct? Why aren't these people arrested? In my eyes, this is treason.

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    For some of the context on this see my coverage on Communique, including the first trackback ping, which is you click through leads to several more relevant news articles.

    The outrage is there, but this story is really only just now breaking through into the general consciousness.

  • Mikey (unverified)

    This sort of thing is really scary here in Oregon where anyone can go door to door collecting ballots.

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    Oh there's an outcry, and it's national.

    Related, please don't give your ballot to anybody, but put it in a post office box or in an official dropsite. Official county dropsites are listed at http://www.oregonvotes.org/drop.htm

  • JS (unverified)

    Not to steal any Oregonian's thunder, but www.talkingpointsmemo.com has many details and links on this story.

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    It has nothing to do with thunder. It has to do with covering the Oregon angle on this, which Josh is not.

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    On a related topic, I hope the Kerry campaign really is prepared to come down hard on Republican "suppress the vote" campaigns where they are using illegal tactics on voting day. They got away with so much crap that was illegal last election just because no one was organized to stop it.

  • Randy (unverified)

    Remember Kerry's "open mike" experience in the primaries where he was heard describing the Republican Bush machine as the most crooked, corrupt bunch of thieves, etc. etc.

    At the time I wish he'd not back-pedaled so much.

    I heard this story on the way home (NPR) and had two thoughts.

    1. Of course.

    2. Why isn't this story leading every news media publication.

    They learned in Florida. Destroy people's ability to vote if it is for anything other than the Republican party.

    Newsweek has a pretty good story on possible election day problems which would dwarf FL 2000.

    I was dismayed that none of the 300+ canvassers hired by RNC thought about coming forward until they hadn't been paid.

  • Chabuka (unverified)

    Also another breaking story..GNC has come down hard on "Rock the Vote" for spreading rumors that the Bush Administration may re-install the "draft" if re-elected...(which any dummy with a brain can figure out, they need more cannon fodder and not to many young'uns are standing in line to enlist)..Bush and company are shameless liars...and know this...liars, hypocrites..the born-again Nazi party..the GOP!!!

  • ix (unverified)

    Same thing happened to me, only it was a Democrat canvasser, who stated that I could not register with my party of choice (Libertarian) as he was paid only to register Democrats.

    Because he was a deputy registrar.. that constituted a pretty major crime. I was lucky enough to have the stub for the ballot that he would not turn in with all his information on it.

    After reporting this to my county Elections office, I received an email pretty much saying that my complaint was recorded but would not be acted on.

    Oh well.

  • Pat (unverified)

    Seems to me that if you are registering voters, you are operating as a unofficial agent of the board of elections! Considering that, destroying a registration form would be a violation of the election law. Somebody in the respective states should be taking these guys to court!

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    From Kenji's "Where's the outrage," to Pat's "Somebody ,,, should be taking (action)" -- we lose if we sit waiting for Godot so he can save us.

    IT IS UP TO US. Get off the couch, get off your butt, get in the game. Me and you and you and you and ....

    That doesn't mean get in anybody's face. It means they do not get to get away with it. We have laws, against murder for example, BushCheney broke existing laws, and killed people, and now we get to charge them under the law. It takes a little longer when we have to replace the House of Rep's first, but the goal does not change. Liberty and justice for all, and justice to them, which means they are due in court to face charges.

    And who harbors BushCheney, and votes for them, knowing they are fugitives from the law -- there are laws to prosecute aiding a criminal enterprise, and public-paid authorities to serve those papers and prosecute. (That was the bigger evil in the Clackamas Asst. D.A. affiantly lying and unjust, inasmuch as saying he refuses to uphold his public responsibility and duty if his 'candidate' was charged in his district for him to prosecute; he intends then to be derelict, and lie.)

    This totalitarian fascism stops when me and you and you and you and ... get on it, be alive. Get 'em.

    Participating in this blog, reading, writing, organizing, meeting up, voting strong, calling liars liars and speaking truth -- all of this is doing it. That's what it looks like. Leftism means together. Rightism means isolation (explaining why the tunnel-mind effect of TV watching, and fear mongering, fosters lopsided rightism in the prolonged extreme).
    Progress is a balance between them. Speak and listen with others, take time for our own council, integrate the forces internal growth and external action. Pity those who 'get' only one side, the ideologues and fanatics. They die detesting life and themselves in it, indeed they never live. Developmental destitutes.

    Here, me, this is the outrage, Kenji.

    Now, me, you are somebody, Pat.

    Get around. Get it together. Get down. Get in the game and grow, and the need doesn't end on election day.

    My two cents: BOYCOTT Cable TV. You get the money. The faces in the box get toasted and burn, ending the fascist retard-recruiting mechanism.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    My kinda words and theme and common dream, here, and a sample here:

    <h2>Toronto Star: "In US, She's an Exception to the Rule, Amy Goodman Asks the Tough Questions"</h2>

    "Media is now the most powerful institution in the world, certainly in the United States," says Goodman.

    "Media is the way we all come to know each other if we don't know each other personally — and the way the rest of the world comes to know us.

    "That is being projected through a corporate lens and it is very dangerous."

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    I emailed Elections about this two nights ago, copying a person I know in Hardy Myers' dept. I'm sure I wasn't alone.

    The next day, elections emailed me back to tell me that Bill Bradbury and the Elections Dept. were conferencing on this very issue (while I was posting a guest column to BlueO, which Kenji to his credit beat me to publishing, apparently).

    This morning, I get to read (although not in the Oregonian, who's too interested in David Wu's college experience to even BURY a story about this) that a criminal investigation into Sproul and his ilk has been started.

    This is why democracy matters. This is why we fight. And this is why Hardy Myers, along with his kickass staff, should get however. freaking. long they want to run the Oregon Dept. of Justice, so help me God.

    I wanna be a prosecuting attorney when I grow up.

  • Howard (unverified)

    Help pass the word: we'd be wise to get people with CAMCORDERS to be on hand at every polling place, especially those where the risk is high.

    Also would be good to make it easy for our decentralized army of CAMCORDER-equipped observers to be able to UPLOAD EASILY to ready & waiting webservers with lots of archival storage space (online disk, offline tape, nearline DVDR; preferrably multiple terabytes).

    We'd also be wise to encourage LAWYERS to volunteer to help out.

    Nevada State Democratic Party has launched a statewide "Voter Rights Project":


    (Voter Rights Project Hotline is 877-WE-VOTE-2)


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