Pop Quiz

Jeff Alworth

The Oregon GOP, chained to an incumbent president whose central policies are such an embarrassment they can’t be mentioned to swing voters, has a new get-out-the-vote campaign. Identify the actual acronym they're using for the effort:

A. YOURGOP--Youthful Oregonians Uplifting Righteous Grand Old Party.
B. VOTERS--Vivacious Oregonians Telling Each other about the Record Successes of President Bush.
C. RARIN’--Reaching out Actively to Register INdependents.
D. WROCKS--helping W win by Registering, Organizing, Calling, and Knocking this Summer.

Now, before I tell you the answer, a fact. This campaign is sufficiently embarrassing that the party faithful have yet to post it on the website. You have to be on the email mailing list to be privy to this info. (Join now, it’s great entertainment!)

Armed with your sharp brain and this clue, you no doubt now have the correct answer: D.

Oh yeah, the GOP’s wreally wrockin' now!

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