This Isn't Oregon Anymore, Toto

Jesse Cornett

Back in Boston for the Convention and before the political games begin, I enjoyed the Sox v. Yankees game. And what a game it was!
Wow, talk about a rivalry that makes the Democrats and Republicans look tame! By the way, I was a cautious fan and quickly donned my "anybody but the Yankees" attitude (and had no beer thrown at me as I made my exit).

As for Convention activities, they get started in earnest tonight, with a welcome reception for each delegation. Oregon (and I think Washington) will be over at the Boston Latin School. Thank goodness the various public safety unions and the city have made peace in the past few days. I am glad we get to enjoy a reception instead of joining our union friends on a picket line or just staying at the hotel for the evening. Meanwhile, we're hoping they'll be ready for us on the security front by the time things get started tomorrow.

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    Actually, I think the rivalry sometimes serves as a metaphor for the liberal/conservative (if not precisely partisan) split. Of course, liberal Yankee fans no doubt cringe when they think of Steinbrenner as the Bush stand-in.

    I married into the rivalry, so I must now offer the obligatory: Go Red Sox!

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    Having gone for a walk through the Division/Clinton street fair, I forgot to notice that the Sox/Yankees game yesterday was on TV here in Portland, so I only saw it from the end of the 6th inning on and missed all the craziest parts. But the ending was rocking -- Sox in absolutely cliche hit-into-a-double-play situation and wonder of wonders hit a two-run homerun to win the game instead.

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    And climb back to within 8 1/2!

  • brett (unverified)

    That was a great game, as was last night's. I am so glad I tivo'd it, so I could watch Tanyon Sturtze get bitched again and again. A-Rod sucks. Now if the Sox D could only pull its head out of its ass, they might have a shot at catching up.

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