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Jesse Cornett

Is Oregon so progressive that Kerry could lose it?

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    Wow, that was really bad reporting.

    "As I drive south out of Portland toward Salem and Eugene, I hear some of the extreme leftism Hibbits is complaining about on the radio. The host and a guest were discussing an upcoming "Life After Capitalism" conference. The guest, Z magazine co-founder Michael Albert, declared that today's corporate workplaces in America are "worse than Stalinist Russia." As I neared Salem, however, a more familiar brand of nutjob began speaking over the air. He claimed, among other things, that kids had gone to jail for six months for saying the word "Jesus" in school. If these two people represent how Oregonians think of the two sides in our national political debate, no wonder so many have raised their middle fingers and voted for Nader."

    On the far left are a couplethree community radio stations and KPOJ, on the right are scads of right wing radio stations. Listenership is what 10-1 in favor of the right? But writer Suellentrop has concluded that the far right are the real voice of Oregon. He consults with pollster Tim Hibbits, who expresses outright animosity toward the left (news to me). He consults with DeFazio's GOP opponent and then the Lane County GOP chair--real authorities on what progressives are going to do in this election.

    It's a confused article with a misleading title.

  • Cab (unverified)

    One thing it did get right is Tim Hibbits obvious hatred of Portland and its citizens. Watching him on 2 just grimacing evertime he mentions Portland is uncomfotable, especially when they introduce him as "non-partisan, independent". He needs to work on his poker face if he wants to continue to use that title. Then again just being on channel 2 gives away his true politics.

  • raging red (unverified)

    His town is turning into San Francisco, he complains. "San Francisco's politics no more represent America's than some rural county in Utah. Now [Portland is] heading off in the same direction."

    What the hell does this statement mean? Are people under some obligation to have political opinions that are representative of Americans in general? I thought our duty as citizens was simply to have an opinion.

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    Perhaps he is studying to become Tucker Carlson.

  • Kurt (unverified)

    the 'we're becoming like SF' crack is nothing more than an attempt at validating what he percieves as the politcal mainstream. now, if you're 'plugged in' to the american political system at ANY level, the mainstream is important simply because if you go out side of it, your chances of finding friends in high places or political patrons lessens.

    SF can more or less get away with it's maverick polity because it is...well...san francisco. some might point to people like willie brown and say 'he is a power in sacramento!', but again -- why shouldn't he be? he's the mayor of one of the great metropoli of planet earth.

    i don't think that portland will ever have that sort of pull (be nice, though) and thus the loss of mainstream acceptance could be worrisome to politcal insiders of sort.

    does it worry or bother me? nah. individuality is what makes america great. the fact that you CAN express yourself in different ways in oregon and in portland in specific without being pilloried is one of the reasons i like living here.

  • Javier O. Sanchez (unverified)

    he's the mayor of one of the great metropoli of planet earth.

    wow...metropoli--cool; it seems like most urban centers are fairly liberal and the Pacific NW and Northern California are these last remnants of "neo manifest destiny" (see below)and personify as fairly to nastily liberal or progressive. I guess if were looking for a wonderful embrace of moderate, uninspiring "Metropoli" (I like that word)then Denver and St. Louis are calling--

    Neo Manifest Destiny--the mass migration of young upwardly mobile white people to the west coast

  • JJ (unverified)

    Actually, I am not sure that 10-1 figure is still valid. I listen to a LOT of talk radio (don't care for pop music), and one thing I have noticed is the dearth of callers taking the "Loyal Opposition" point of view on the conservative--or in the case of Savage, fascist, talk shows. Its getting more and more lopsided in terms of the callers. A whole lotta dittos and megadittos, not a lot of naysayers. I think that Air America has drained their pool of opposition.

    Last night, listening to Lars, it was clear he was hurting for material. Michael Savage was worse. It seemed the only time they had fun was going after the one caller per hour that opposed their viewpoints. The rest of the time, they were phoning it in.

    Consolidation of power is having a profound effect this election cycle. It will be "Interesting Times" to harken to the classic curse.


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    Quick fact correction, Kurt: Willie Brown was the mayor of San Francisco. Now, it's Gavin Newsom. And, Willie had lots of power in Sacramento long before he was mayor of SF. He was the longest serving Assembly Speaker in California history.

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