Jeff Alworth

After one of the longest, hottest summers I can recall witnessing in the Willamette Valley (sample size: 18), it was with rare delight that I awoke to the gentle patter of rain on pavement this morning. Looking at the weather report, the whole state's getting some of the wet stuff. Time to brew up a strong cup of joe and settle down with a good novel. Ah, Oregon rain, you lighten my heart.

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    It does feel good. No watering in the yard for a few days -- and no guilt about not washing the car!

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    To quote, well, myself from yesterday: "Rain is liberation. Rain is the reset button. Rain is what Lou Reed celebrated when he quite definitely did not sing about Sweet Rain."

    Too hyperbolically poetical?

    How about: Rain is good.

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    We were stuck in the worst of it.... on bikes. Did the Mt. Hood Challenge ride out of Estacada- if you looked at the weather radar you'll see that was one of the worst places. We got dumped on. It was raining so hard my wife quipped, "it's like swimming!" When I changed into drier clothes the soggy clothes felt about 10 pounds. No wonder I felt slow.

    It was a nice warm rain- and we were dressed for it. We saw some poor folks riding in jeans. The problem with the amount of rain? Dead animals. Bikes tend to spray water behind them. Dead animals have runoff. I was riding in back. You get the picture.

    At least I have a clean bike. :)

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    Ridin' in a Stutz-Bearcat, Jim ...

  • Maureen. Yes, that Maureen (unverified)

    Of course the forecast is rain for the next few days... I'm coming to PDX on Monday for the first time in six years. I was hoping to show my son the beautiful, green Portland summer days I loved so much, but rain is the real Portland, isn't it?

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