Whole Ballot MeetUp at Billy Reed's

Lew Frederick

Just a reminder regarding the Meetup at Billy Reed's Wednesday night. Many campaigns have confirmed that they will bring information. The band is ready and it should be fun. You can RSVP at National Democracy for America Meetup Day -- Join other Supporters of Democracy near Portland, OR, but you don't have to. The most important thing is to make it better by being there.

Among the guest speakers: A national phone hookup from New York with one of John Kerry's most trusted advisors, County Commissioner Serena Cruz, and Joyce McGreevy - a political satirist for the national online journal Salon.com and officer with the Multnomah Democrats, who lives in NE Portland. Her darkly comic “preview” of George W. Bush’s acceptance speech to the RNC generated wry laughter from readers all over the country – and a few other countries too: "Let's turn a corner, any corner"

Wednesday, September 1, 7:00 PM
Billy Reed's Restaurant and Bar, Sky Room
2808 NE Martin Luther King Blvd, Portland
Featuring Music by Dreamland Cafe

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    Thumbs up, Way up for Joyce McGreevey's satirical piece on Salon.com (She's also a Bus Project warrior and is associated with the Oregon online magazine The Zephyr, which has been mentioned elsewhere on this blog). Ms. McGreevey is definitely one to watch.

    As for the continued lionization of Commissioner Cruz and her fellow travellers on the Multnomah County Commission by well meaning progressives----the mind boggles. To pamper and support a group of commissioners who clearly subverted the process in the name of some "greater good" puts us into the same moral territory as the bigots that oppose us.

    For shame.

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    How did the event go? I regretted not being able to attend.

  • sum1 (unverified)

    'Whole Ballot'? Is that a branch of Whole Foods Markets? Just what in the world was this? Meeting other people to talk about democracy in the United States- that's really...well...um, a wide wide swath of a subject. This is exactly what my Kissinger appreciative neighbor and I talk about. Isn't that what's happening on this blog? Why should I want to leave my house to go talk to you? The most important thing is to make it better by being there.

    That kind of seems like a manipulative statement. Are you that desperate to talk with people? Hmmm.

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