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The Red Sox win the Series! The Red Sox win the Series! The Red Sox win the Series!

  • Jerry (unverified)

    Yah... So what's your point?

    Actually, I'm kind of glad the Sox won. It's been a long while and they probably deserved it..

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    Did you notice that when Fox showed the troops in Iraq watching the game Fox called them "the multi-national forces?" Yeah, I saw a lot of folks from Poland, Italy, etc. cheering on the Red Sox, didn't you?

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    Good on ya, New England.

    I don't think the Red Sox organization deserves a championship for any other reason than that they earned it on the field.

    But by the same token, Babe Ruth and his racist wife (I will never forgive her for her behavior during Maris' 61 season, and especially not during Henry Aaron's climactic rise to 745.) can rot in hell even more now. The Curse Is Dead. Thank God. Now it's the Cubs' turn.

    Breathe easy, Boston. And sleep the contented, drunken sleep of champions once again. Well done.

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    Can anybody tell me the next time a World Series will happen during a lunar eclipse? Methinks the Curse isn't dead - just overwhelmed by the moon.

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    No, actually, the curse is dead.

    The Red Sox bought the Babe a hooker.

  • Vampyre Delight (unverified)

    hey Jeff I was happy for the Sox! wanted to let you know I just finished reading up your "goodbye" post on your old blog from August 2004 (I am nothing if not lost in the cybersphere for days at a time). fantastic goodbye. classy guy you are indeed.

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    Chuck, we noticed that, too. Sort of a grim reminder, and certainly an unnecessary one, of the ugly competition going on. And just when we were looking for a reprieve from it.

    The curse is definitely dead. It died when the Sox beat the Yanks, but we couldn't make the ruling then until they beat the Cards. But come on, a sweep? Proof that the Babe's mojo has run dry.

    I was trying to photoshop a picture of the eclipse with Johnny, but it didn't work so well. I think there's no greater evidence that the baseball planets have realigned than that the curse died under a lunar eclipse.

    Classy? I been called a lot of things, but never that, Vampyre. Thanks--

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    the last two times the Sox won in presidential election years, the D won.

    Full moon plus four straight = Kerry by a landslide?

  • LC (unverified)

    I think this is bad news for Kerry.

    The Red Sox win the WS the same year that the Patriots win the Superbowl (and remain undefeated at midseason).

    Joe Sixpack is getting sick of jubilant Bostonians dominating his television screen.

    If the Patriots beat the Steelers this Sunday, I predict Pennsylvania will go Bush.

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    OK, this has nothing to do with baseball, but every time I glance over to the recent comments, I have to do a double-take because I don't see "Sox!" I see something entirely different - well, one vowel off. You're all smart. You can figure it out. I just thought it was funny.

    The eclipse was awesome. I was talking to a friend at the Kerry office and told her that she had to stop saving the world for a minute and go outside and look. She said they'd all had a group look - and then got right back to saving the world.

    Though not a baseball fan, I'm happy for Boston... Boston loooooooves their baseball and they deserved to win - and a very nice win at that. Though my roommate said "I just wished that there'd be more World Series than this." That's a true fan of the sport for ya.

    And for some reason this is bugging me - does anybody know the little rhyme-y peom-like thing that they say about the red and green lights that flash over Fenway? It's about whether or not a game is called due to rain, and though in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter, I can't remember it for the life of me. lol.

    OK, baseball season's over - can we move on to basketball? ;-)

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    No, actually, the curse is dead. The Red Sox bought the Babe a hooker.

    Stealing from Letterman, Jack?

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    From this MSNBC article:

    Kerry campaigned first in Ohio, arguably the key to victory next Tuesday. A Red Sox cap perched on his head, he recalled that last year when his campaign was struggling, a caller to a radio program said, “John Kerry won’t be president until the Red Sox win the World Series.” “Well, we’re on our way,” he said to cheers.

    And there you go.

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