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Tim MooneyA once and future Oregonian, election lawyer Tim Mooney has just rolled out a new blog: Swingstate Dispatches. He tells me that "we all need a new blog like we need a hole in the head," but I think he's got a good thing going.

Right now, he's in Florida observing ballot madness there. By Sunday, TBM Esquire will be right here in Oregon - keeping his eye on the GOPers trying to import a little Florida to the Beaver State.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Tim.

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    Thanks Kari. Everyone feel free to check out the wonkiness... where opinion, politics and election law intersect, hilarity ensues!

  • M Kimble (unverified)

    I heard on the radio, KINK, that "America Votes" has set up ballot collection boxes around Portland. This is the orgainization run by Sproul and Associates that has been caught shredding democrat voter registrations in numerous states, including here in Oregon. It receives over $600,000 directly from the GOP. An elections officer was quoted saying that these drop stations were not official. However, neither the station or the county elections officer warned that this is part of the "black ops" campaign to deny the right to vote to democrats and steal the election.

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    Couldn't happen to a better guy. Congrats, Tim. Fight the good fight.

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    Kimble, I've asked the local America Votes folks to respond more completely to your comment, but here's what I know.

    There's a legitimate pro-Kerry unaffiliated 527 group that's got hundreds of people working the streets in Oregon. Locally, find them at AmericaVotesOregon.com.

    There is another group from Sproul & Associates that has been punking the name and doing voter reg shredding. They've been asked to cease and desist using the name.

    I can't speak to the voter boxes, but hopefully one of the local AVO folks will shortly.

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    I can't speak to the voter boxes, but hopefully one of the local AVO folks will shortly.

    To this point (not to draw the attention from Mr. Mooney :-)) I caught something about unoffical boxes on the news last night - KGW, I think. I wasn't able to pay attention 100% but the gist was that they're all marked as UNofficial drops (at least that's what I think I saw - somebody correct me if I'm wrong). Various county elections officials were interviewed and basically all of them said that if you don't drop your ballot at an official drop site, you run the risk of your ballot not making it to its destination. The ONLY way for people to guarantee that thier ballot will be received by their county elections office is to mail it (unless they have an unscrupulous mail carrier) or to drop it off at an official site - lists of such locations may be found someplace like Oregon Votes.

    I, personally, like handing mine to the guy in the orange vest with the flashlight at WaCo elections the night before election night... or is that the guy who takes my taxes at the Post Office at 11:59 PM on April 15. Hmmm. Maybe they're one in the same.

  • Kevin Looper (unverified)

    Unfortunately, there has been some confusion thanks to some bad reporting of the story that a Republican group called America Votes was destroying Democratic registrations failed to include the most critical fact. In addition to stealing people's right to vote, these scumbags also stole the name of our organization.

    America Votes is actually a coalition of 33 progressive groups doing voter registration, education and mobilization in every one of the 17 swing states. We are labor unions, environmentalists, women's rights advocates, civil rights groups, and a range of other progressive issue advocates working to increase citizen participation in democracy. Here in Oregon, we have registered -- really registered -- more than 78,000 new voters in this election.

    It's because of this good work that the Republican National Committee paid almost three-quarter of a million dollars to an Arizona firm to screw with us. They told people that they were America Votes, hijacking our name to cover their tracks as they literally destoyed the registration cards of people who didn't register Republican. In addition to being profoundly immoral, that is flat out illegal, and the Attorney General has launched an immediate criminal investigation. In the meantime, there is no remedy for the people who were defrauded and disenfranchised.

    For more info, I suggest doing a google search under Sproul and Oregon.

    As part of our very legitimate efforts to get out the vote, we do have unofficial ballot drop sites set up with reputable businesses like Powell's, Grand Central, New Season's, Music Millenium and Lucky Lab. These sites are secure, monitored, and regularly checked. When they are picked up, the ballot boxes are delivered directly to the county elections offices for emptying.

    Please help to correct this misunderstanding wherever you can, as we have literally thousands of people going door-to-door in the last week of this election turning out the vote. These real America Votes volunteers have every reason to be proud of the work they are doing to change this country for the better.

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    Thanks, Kevin. FYI, Kevin is the local guy-on-the-ground for America Votes. Good guy, too.

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    Here in Oregon, we have registered -- really registered -- more than 78,000 new voters in this election.

    Wow. That's awesome, you guys. Of course we know you did not discriminate in whom you registered, but if Kerry takes Oregon by 78k votes or less - you gotta know it's all you.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

    In college I took voter reg incredibly seriously - running around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure that every card made it to the elections office on time. I can't understand folks who take that job any less seriously than that.

    You guys are rock stars.

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