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Jeff Alworth

They say that beer is the one product that sells better during recessions. I wonder if that's true with devasting election losses, too? This being Beervana--and a slow news day--it's a good moment to mention a few of the salient events related to our signature liquid. Err, after rain.

Amnesia Brewing Exists
Somehow this fact escaped my notice. I know nothing about it except that the location is in beer-poor North Portland (832 N. Beech St. - (503) 281-7708), which seems hopeful. Anyone been there? Recommendations? In this week's A&E, Foyston described it as: "a bit like the Lucky Lab -- unpretentious and inviting with bare concrete floors, high open rafters, skylights, lots of windows and walls in warm orange and brick red." Music six nights a week and grilled sausages. Sounds even more promising.

BridgePort Brewing No Longer Exists
Not really. But it will be closed for 10 months beginning ... December 23rd. Hey, Merry Christmas! They're renovating.

Holiday Ale Fest
Okay, this is a bit premature, but note it in your beer-addled brains: December 3, 4, and 5 at Pio Square. It shouldn't be legal, probably, what with the 10% beers, but somehow it is.

There are a lot of really good winter beers out there, and you probably have your fave.  But since I have the ability to promote my fave here, you have to read about it.  The good folks at Fish Brewing have returned their ultra-tasty Winterfish, which is essentially an IPA on steroids. It doesn't get the attention that Jubel and Wassail do, so I just thought I'd mention it.  You won't regret buying a sixer (unless you do, in which case I'm not responsible), so go now!

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    Amnesia Brewing Exists Somehow this fact escaped my notice.

    Jeff, perhaps you have been there, you just simply forgot.

    (Oh come on. Y'all know you were thinking it and somebody was bound to say it. LOL.)

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    Hey, just stumbled in to Amnesia Brewing tonight - thanks for the heads up! Nice place, pretty spartan, but tried their beer. Good stuff, especially the IPA!

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    Ah, IPA--is there any Oregon brewery that makes a poor one? India Pale Ale my ass: Incredible Portland Ale.

  • Jon (unverified)

    Whoops, sorry about the double trackback ping... the first one looks like it had a URL error.

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the Holiday Ale Festival... sounds interesting!

  • nate bedortha (unverified)

    I've been enjoying Amnesia since July. Great sausage, great beer, and pints of peanuts! Top marks all around.

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