Jenny Greenleaf Wins!

Jesse Cornett

Update 12/6: In addition to the three other blog entries listed below, over at Daily Kos they've picked up on this subject also.

This is an update to last weekend's post: Changing Face of Oregon at the DNC? 

In what some might consider an upset, Oregon DNC member Mary Botkin has been unseated by Jenny Greenleaf!   Dominga Lopez and Claire McGee (who wasn't present) also ran.  In the other slot, Sal Peralta decided not to run against Wayne Kinney after all, assuring his re-election.  Congrats to Wayne and Jenny!

I would like to thank Mary for her sixteen years of service in that position, and hope others will take the opportunity to as well.

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    Congratulations, Jenny, and Thank You, Mary, on your distinguished service - I hope it continues.

    I look forward to hearing about what happens at the National Convention, and everything else we do to take back our country.

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    Hopefully, those who were there will post and describe how the process played out, what was discussed, and what convinced people to vote the way they did.

    I had fully intended to go sit in on this thing today, and report back myself, but the cold I'm fending off scuttled that plan.

  • Aaron (unverified)

    It is a chapter of Oregon closing, but that one is opening at the same time. Jenny is a great lady and know the issue at hand is that her and the rest of the delegation make headway that will make voter-by-mail process succeed at the national level that will reduce voter fraud and suppression. That is all that I want from the four regular DNC persons and the at-large person to do. Have fun Jenny and Wayne and the next chair, vice-chair and unknown at-large delegate!!!!

  • Jesse Cornett (unverified)

    I was not there or would have talked more about process and such. I'd also appreciate if someone who was there would chime in with details. J

  • Mary Botkin (unverified)

    Just a final thought or two.

    Jenny moves up and I move out - I will determine my level of activity for the Local and state party at a later time. I am sure there are more around the Country who found themselves running against - Terry Mcauliff - the DNC's failed policies and a whole new world of "bloggers" and new voters. I welcome all of you who are new to the Party and wish you well-I look forward to continuing to learn new and exciting ideas from you in your new leadership position.

    With your new leadership will come the responsibility of gaining the respect and support of those who do not currently support the policies of this new and interesting direction we are headed. Even with the new low doner efforts - Dean was still dependent on massive influxes of cash from the proven "givers" -labor and the wealthy progressive democratic establishment. No one held back with the efforts to get him "over the top". We failed - all of us - Dean insiders, the wealthy and labor. Ginny has a lot of work to do and will need everyone behind her - she has my full support to move in this new directions with the new leadership of the Party that she will elect.

    So - my words - Jenny have a good time. Bring home all the resources you can - and build new alliances for Oregon as you pointed out - we need them. While you are there - try to build support from the 'red" states where we lost - and examine why Howard Dean lost all the blue states to Kerry early in the process so we don't repeat those mistakes. Dr. Dean had an interesting formula for victory. We can and must learn from that formula - we must also learn from it's failures.

    In Oregon we have races to win in two years - we have a Governors race - which promises to bring up many of the same divisions. Jenny - please figure out how to win the red parts of Oregon - there are many. I am anxious and willing to learn more about the conversation you have suggested for rural Oregon (red) coming from urban Oregon (blue) - because I have yet to find the right "formula" for winning those who don't think like us or vote like us. Maybe you can find sucess where I did not-I will follow your lead.

    For me - I'm going back home for now - back to AFSCME full focused on the needs of our members and working families of Oregon. They are my first and last love - it is where I gain my strength, energy and political focus. It is where I can make a difference all day - every day.

    Again, best of luck to you - have a great time - learn new lessons from the time you will serve - and bring home victories for all of us - cash too, because these field operations are expensive!.


  • Jude (unverified)

    Congrats, Jenny!

    Mary, that was a fine welcoming statement. Best of luck to you in future endeavours.

  • Moses Ross (unverified)

    A tip of the hat to a class act. Thank you Mary for representing Oregon Democrats at the DNC.

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    Jenny in the Oregonian:

    Oregon Democrats this weekend ousted their veteran national committeewoman, Mary Botkin, and replaced her with an activist who worked on Howard Dean's presidential campaign.

    Portland resident Jenny Greenleaf, who also worked on the party's ballot collection effort in November, was chosen by the state Democratic central committee to serve a four-year term as the national committeewoman. She will work on the Democratic National Committee's governing board along with the state's national committeeman, Wayne Kinney, who was re-elected to his post.

    Botkin, a lobbyist for the Oregon American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union in Portland, was first elected to the DNC in 1988 and was one of the longest-serving Oregonians on that panel.

    "The Deaniacs got me, and (so did) Terry McAuliffe's failed policies," the typically blunt Botkin said of her loss. Botkin charged that McAuliffe, the outgoing Democratic national chairman, "disrespected" the role of volunteers in the party.

    Greenleaf, noting that Botkin also backed Dean at one point, said she did not think her support for the former Vermont governor played a role in her victory.

    Greenleaf said she had become better known among party activists for helping train volunteers and running the effort to collect ballots in Multnomah County. Although Dean has indicated he might seek the Democratic chairmanship, Greenleaf said she has not decided whom she will support.

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    You're a class act and we all thank you for the work that you were doing back when we were still sitting on the porch. I've had a chance to watch you work within the state apparatus over the last couple of years and I hope that you will continue to offer your perspective on issues in the blunt and forceful manner that has been your trademark.

    There are too few folks like yourself, who will speak the truth as they see it to all parties without regard to their position or status.

    As for the Jenny/Dean connection, I wouldn't make too much of that. Missing from the Oregonian story were the months of pro bono work as DPO Volunteer Coordinator. The girl is not a one trick pony nor is she myopically attached to a single issue or candidate. I look forward to her tenure as being one of constant consultation with progressives around the state, and I'm confident that she will represent our efforts to broaden our voter base to the DNC.

  • Steve Bucknum (unverified)

    Jesse Cornett has asked for some comments on the process in which Mary Botkin lost her race to return to the DNC to Jenny Greenleaf.

    First, for the record, both women are great assets to the Oregon Democratic Party. We are lucky to have such fine people in our Party.

    Having said that, the one critical thing not said yet in this discussion is the role of the rural Democrats. As I looked around the room on Saturday, I kept seeing name tags that below the name said Baker County, Hood River, Lake, Wheeler, Clatsop, Coos, Josephine, Crook, Umatilla, Douglas, Jackson, Columbia, Jefferson, Deschutes, etc. A large representation from our rural Counties attended.

    Each candidate gave a speech. Mary Botkin, in spite of discussions here at Blue Oregon about rural sensitivity, did not mention anything about the rural part of our State. She did not use the word rural once. She talked about the work on the "streets", she referenced her Union work and the support of Unions for our Party, she even talked about eating a lot of pizza, but not one word about rural. Jenny Greenleaf by contrast was extremely focused, and in a 5 minute (and a 10 second overrun) laid out various points about the need to reorganize the DNC, and managed to work in rural sensitivity. She said the word rural more times than I could count.

    Jenny displayed rural sensitivity to a room that was at least half full of rural Democrats, and Mary did not. Jenny received over 50% of the vote in a four candidate field on the first ballot.

    While there certainly was some "out with the old, in with the new" sort of thinking - there was no clear distinction on other issues.

    Steve Bucknum

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