3 1/2 Hours

Jesse Cornett

I find myself writing a post almost every time I leave Oregon. This weekend, I am out in Washington D.C. for a conference. I slipped out a bit early this afternoon. It was sunny and almost 50 and a great afternoon to see the Nation's Capitol.

Before deciding that I just wanted to walk and see the sights, I dropped by the new National Museum of the American Indian. I was struck by the beauty of the building and the nature of the exhibits. I've never considered myself the museum type, but can't seem to come here and miss going to at least one and I am so glad I chose that one today.

And then I walked. I walked in circles, then down to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., got emotional about how we need to take that House back, and saddened to know that we have 1447 days until we can do that. I walked over to the rooftop bar at the Hotel Washington just in time for a beautiful sunset.

And I did all that in just over the amount of time than the difference in time from Oregon to here. That, my friends, makes this a very good day.

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    Hey, if you happen to bump into Joe Lieberman on the mall, ask him what Bush whispered into his ear after the SotU.

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    My old stomping grounds.....while you're there try to break yourself away from Capitol Hill and head out to U Street. Catch some local jazz -- on the streets there. Hang out awhile and talk to the real locals. Check out the Mother Tongue spoken word poetry reading at the Black Cat --- or talk to the kids at the 9:30 Club. See what the people who live and work around Dupont Circle have to say about same sex marriage...if you go to Dupont Circle you can check your email at the Afterwords Cafe bar area -- which is inside of a book store -- and they have a great bananna shake. I say all of this to say that what makes DC so wonderful and exciting -- are the 'locals'.

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    Of course, this was only a sort snippet of my entire trip. We stumbled to a decent hangout called the Pour House my first night, spent two nights over at Stetson at 16th & U, and spent a chunk of time at a house party right across from Dick Cheney's place.

    This morning, I got up and jogged from from the Capitol all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial and back -- my what a place to run!

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    Your experience sounds better in some ways, and worse in others, than my DC experience.

    I left from National Airport with the distinct impression that DC had to be the most violent city in America. And I've spent tons more time in NY, NY - it doesn't even compare.

    I was there for half a week, and in that time, I saw an employee beat the hell out of her shift manager with a plastic tray at the Jack in the Box next to our hotel, a guy walk into the 7-11 around the corner with a knee swollen to the size of a rugby ball from a baseball-bat beating and mugging (he just wanted to use the phone), and a knock-down, drag-out between two taxi drivers in the hotel carport. Oh, our employers had put us up at the Hilton on Connecticut.

    But the Smithsonian Air and Space was awesome, as was the Jefferson, Lincoln and Washington Memorials, and the safest place of all was the row of taverns right around Georgetown University.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip.

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