Blogs from Progressive Organizations?

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So, in preparing a presentation last night about nonprofits blogging as a communications strategy, I did a quick scan of the local blogosphere, and thought I'd share links to progressive-ish organizations in Oregon that are blogging.

Did I miss any?

Basic Rights Oregon, Basic Rights Blog
Benton County Democrats
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering
Portland City Club, Citizens Blog
Washington County Democrats

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    the Democracy for Oregon website (statewide home of Democracy for America and all things deaniacy) has a growing number of bloggers as well as a forum for hashing out the nasty little problems of how we actually do democracy.

    folks are welcome to visit, join up, come to our Meetups (first wednesday of the month, so you have about 6-1/2 hours until tonight's), and be part of this particular progressive discussion.


    todd democracy for oregon linn-benton for democracy

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    Is Portland Indy Media a vetted entry?

    For instance: PSU ELECTIONS 02-Mar-2005 14:22 Red Scare at Portland State: Devaney/Woon slate hit by Republican dirty tricks Hatecase.

    From the open publishing newswire: Yesterday, March 1, the College Republicans officially and publically launched an anti-Devaney/Woon Slate campaign by creating a display case and locating it strategically in the highest pedestrian area of PSU. The display case had comparisons of the Devaney/Woon slate to communist leaders of the past, namely Stalin and Lenin...


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