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Here at BlueOregon, we're constantly on the lookout for folks to add to our stable of regular contributors. One bit of diversity that we're concerned about right now is the large number of folks from the Portland Metro area in the mix.

And while much of what they write is really, really good - we'd like to add a few voices to the virtual dinner party we've got going on.

So, if you live outside the Portland Metro area - especially outside the Willamette Valley - and you've got something to say, we want to hear from you. How do you become a BlueOregon regular? Start by submitting a guest column.

Oh, and for what it's worth, here's the current count of BlueOregon regulars:

* 20 from in and around Portland.
* 7 outside the Portland area, but still in Oregon.
* 4 outside Oregon, but still in the USA.
* 1 in Australia, and 1 in the UK.

Any other suggestions for adding to the mix of voices at BlueOregon?

  • Yoram (unverified)

    I like having public figures, like Randy Leonard (yes, yes, no one is like Randy, but it's great to have direct dialogue with these folks instead of just hashing it out with random rants from random people).

    ELECTEDS At the risk of being overly Portland-centric, let's get Sam Adams (it'd be better than having his own blog). Or some county commissioner (dare I suggest Serena Cruz and Diane Linn?) or Metro Councilor or hey--David Bragdon might do it. Or Bend City Councilor John Hummel. Maybe a Hood River County Commissioner? Or ex-elected Carol Doty from Jackson County and Bandon?

    Otherwise, maybe a legislator like Charlie Ringo (I'd love the dialogue) or Frank Morse (yes, I know, a moderate Republican). Or Vicki Walker, Frank Prozanski, or Rick Metsger (who has a sense of humor, or had one with the Weekly Democrat).

    MEDIA FOLKS Let's invite someone from the Oregonian. Or Willy Week. Or, hey, Hasso Herring from Albany, despite his conservative bent. Or Peter Wong, Kristian Foden-Vencil, April Baer.

    OTHER FOLKS Maybe someone from a progressive company, like Jim Kelly from Rejuvenation. Or Ken from Ken's Place. Or maybe someone from a politico consulting firm -- say Tom Novick. Or someone from a social service delivery agency, or pro-choice group.

    That's the brain dump for now.

  • LT (unverified)

    If you are attempting to reach the outside world not consumed by politics, I would suggest calling legislators, county and city officials by the more commonly used term Elected Officials.

  • (Show?)

    Wayne Kinney- moved from Hood River to ????? John Hummel might be good from Bend. Attorney, enviro, and city councilor.

  • LT (unverified)

    How about Roger Pike, who ran against Kim Thatcher. I don't know if he blogs, but he is a colorful character.

    What about former legislators or legislative candidates? What about county chairs from places like the coast?

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    Wayne Kinney moved to Bend. Kari, I could get his email address for you (off-line and after I've contacted him, of course).

  • (Show?)

    How about Michael Donnelly? He writes for Counterpunch, and his writing is firey, but fire is good :)

    Also, there's someone who just moved to Eugene and brought their newspaper with them - I don't remember the whole story, but one of the reporters for this paper sent me some things during the Kerry campaign. Also, I could post this wish to the Kerry Media Trackers list (still going, I know, crazy ain't it?)

    Or, someone could surf through past postings for talented writers.


  • John Hays (unverified)

    The Rogue Pundit has interesting postings about Oregon on his site. You can find them at http://roguepundit.typepad.com/

    He discusses many Oregon issues that don't always focus on politics. He has my vote...if you can get him.

  • iggi (unverified)

    tell that Alworth fella to contribute more often...he's sort of half-assed, but i like his style.

  • (Show?)

    As me pappy always said, half-assed is better than no-assed.

  • Nev (unverified)

    Lots more female and some more racial minority writers please.

    A while back, there was an interesting article wondering where all the women politicians went in Washington County. Where are they? Why can't we get some to write for us? Why not other women?

  • (Show?)

    This monkey is of no use to me, it has only one ass.

  • LT (unverified)

    Michael Donnelly would be excellent! He's now a Green, and that would be a different perspective.

    One problem with getting good writers is the small fraction of people (esp. above a certain age) who blog. For instance, Jim Hill--former candidate for Gov. and before that a statewide elected official and a legislator. He might be good.

    And what about the folks from Democracy's Edge (www.demedge.org)? Bryn Hazell is on their board and she is a former newswoman.

    As far as women politicians in Washington County, I would love to know what happened to moderates Mary Alice Ford, Jeanette Hamby, Delna Jones. Nancy Ryles died too soon.

    For those of you who think there is a stereotype of who is a Republican and who is a Democrat, be aware that there are women who have worked on many Democratic campaigns who admire one or all of those women and given the chance might even have voted for one of them over a weak Democrat.

    As for what happened to them, I think Delna retired because of an ill family member. Mary Alice was defeated by a right winger in a primary, and Jeannette may have also been defeated. But if any of them are still around, they would be great voices for BlueOregon, esp. if you want diversity and moderate voices.

  • W. Bruce Anderholt II (unverified)

    A large percentage of Vancouver's residents work (or used to live) in Oregon. Just because they've reduced their tax liability should not prevent them from contributing to a blog, right? Kind of like discriminating against the lucky few that found their way to a lifeboat before the Titanic sunk.

    I will be voting with my feet if the Incumbent Protection Act (aka "Voter subsidized elections") becomes a reality in Portland (can I be your Clark County Correspondent?)...Not to undermine my own candidacy, but retired General Tony McPeak would be interesting, a former Bush/Cheney 2000 volunteer that supported John Kerry in 2004 (maybe you can't win a ground war with the Air Force?). I believe he lives in Lake Oswego, and he already has a Top-Secret decoder ring.

    Derry Jackson (Hillsboro)? Neil Goldschmidt (Dunthorpe)? Elizabeth Furse?

  • (Show?)

    Clark County Democrats should be a welcome addition to Washington state "blue" blogs, and would help them avoid Seattle-centricity.

    But to be honest, I'm not interested in hearing what they've got to say about a state they gave up on, but that still subsidizes to a large degree the lifestyle they abandoned it to have.

    Reading back a few threads, I've noticed that I look forward to posts from the couple of regular contributors we have in Central Oregon, specifically Prineville.

    So maybe it's time to give Steve Bucknum the big pen. He's certainly been carrying the weight in posts enough to do it, and if there are Democrats everywhere around there like he says, maybe he can grab a few more from around the Second District (for example, I'd dearly love to know WTF is up with Harney County, for one) to give us that perspective. We do sorely lack it here on BlueOregon.

  • Tenskwatawa (unverified)

    Did that pied piping mean "voting with your fear" and expect it could lead a movement? Abandon ship if it's unaccommodating; others might stand helm and deliver aiming to steer clear, gaffs abeam, and sail on. (I just now realized in salt-speak Portland says Leftland.) Follow your heart, it's already left you. Wish you were there. Write if you get work. Message in a bottle or something.

    Local writers are like local songbirds. Unlike excursioning tourists, they don't migrate. The melodies, cheeps and warbles sense and trill the day's climate around the nest landing. Like moonbeams, their notes don't carry home in a jar. And if they carry a tune it comes to speak, not to call. When caged in capture, they say what you say; nothing natural, nothing native, nothing current. Oregon's best are meadowlarks: too small to eat, too alert to fool, too clear to miss, and western renowned. Open a window of opportunity and maybe some will light nearby. Saying a little bird told me means I know.

    A little writing told me a lot in the places where it was censored and rejected, when truth can be handled. Or when it can't, when windows are shuttered from a sun outdoors.

    I can show you That when it rains or shines It's just a state of mind I can show you -- Beatles

  • M Butterfly (unverified)

    My dear Open Door Prophet:

    Malign the message, not the man. A self appointed prophet that sees the hearts and condemns the souls of another tribe is not worthy of the name Tenskwatawa. Closed door haiku-sen is more like it.

    David Koresh liked the Beatles too. Peace, Love, Redistribution of Wealth.

  • (Show?)

    No accounting for taste, I guess.

    Normally Tensk-in-the-blog is not my style (though I found him a delightful conversationalist in person).

    He got me with that last one though. I may frame it.

  • (Show?)

    I second the nomination of Steve Bucknum. I've been an admirer of his for years and years.

    I often agree with him but he's even more fun when I don't. Can hardly do better than that in a blogger.

    C'mon Steve, do it for your fans.

  • W. Bruce Anderholt II (unverified)

    Yo Tense Ben-Wa:

    Chillout Bro. It's your turn on The Big Bong. Talk to the birds: they're listening.

    Madame Butterfly: thanks for your support. I was beginning to think this thread had entered the level beyond human.

    But to be honest, I'm not interested in hearing what they've got to say about a state they gave up on, but that still subsidizes to a large degree the lifestyle they abandoned it to have.

    Dunagan: wronagan. Just because the former Portlanders got tired of the "progressive" chorus ("Oh Lord, ho much we Care, We'll pay more taxes, to show how much we Care") doesn't mean they've given up. Putting their own families welfare ahead of the welfare state (even the politicians are on the dole in Portland) doesn't mean they've abandoned Portland. Is that selfishness, or self-preservation?

  • W. Bruce Anderholt II (unverified)
    <h2>Why not a French based blogger: I think that might resonate in Portland. Preferably with a photo of him/herself in a red beret, and a hand rolled smoke.</h2>

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