Red Oregon takes to the blogosphere

blueoregon admin

Well, several months after pointing the way to the Oregon GOP's blog (which is bizarrely bad), there are now several other options available to our friends in Red Oregon.

First, Rob Kremer - charter school advocate, former candidate for schools superintendent, and regular BlueOregon gadfly - now has his own blog...

Portland, Oregon is occupied territory. It was invaded years ago by a non-native species of political animal from back east who took over our political and cultural institutions in order to try out their utopian socialist dreams on our great state. This blog will chronicle the insurgency that is trying to free Oregon from the occupiers' grip by shining a bright light on their most egregious schemes.

Then, there's Daniel Is Right, where somebody named Daniel is often wrong...

I often wonder, are liberals born stupid or is it a lifestyle choice?

With a slightly-less dogmatic tone is Upper Left Coast...

Thoughts on politics, faith, sports and other random topics from a red state sympathizer in indigo-blue Portland, Oregon.

And finally, there's the closest thing to a right-leaning BlueOregon, a blog called Red Northwest a.k.a. Head West, Turn Right...

The Joint Blog of the Conservative Northwest Blogging Alliance: Red State Points of View from a Blue State Point on the Compass.

Red Northwest is up to eleven bloggers, four from Oregon and seven from Washington.

OK, so, now that we've pointed the way, would all the right-wing folks hanging out here please go over there? Remember, if you look in the Upper Left corner of this page, you'll find this:

BlueOregon is a place for progressive Oregonians to gather 'round the water cooler and share news, commentary, and gossip.

This is explicitly NOT a place for left/right fist-fighting and dittohead-ing. There are LOTS of places on the internet for arguing, and now you know where to find other righties.

(And before y'all go crazy... No, this isn't about censorship, it's just about creating a place for progressives to have a conversation. If we're spending all of our time fending off Red Oregonians, then the volume goes up and we can't have good conversation here. Start your own blog, go talk elsewhere, and feel free to criticize what happens here over there. Thank you.)