BlueOregon is two years old and going strong...

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Welcometoblueoregon_2BlueOregon first launched on July 17, 2004.

Two years later, things sure are hopping around here. (Nevermind that headline from Willamette Week last week.)

So far in 2006, we're averaging roughly 150,000 page views each month. Best as we can figure, there's something like 3000 unique humans actually reading BlueOregon each week. Since we launched, we've had 2175 posts (including 233 guest columns), and over 37,000 comments.

How far does BlueOregon's reach extend? Google reports that the word "BlueOregon" appears on over 422,000 web pages (not counting here at More importantly, BlueOregon has become an integral part of our state's political culture - read by elected officials, campaign hacks, lobbyists, consultants, the media, activists, and a whole lotta folks that just care about our communities, our state, and our country.

When we launched BlueOregon two years ago, we didn't have any idea what was possible. (Actually, it was Kari who told Jesse that it would never work.)

The credit goes to the many contributors here at BlueOregon, some of whom post weekly and others who post rarely. The credit goes to the commenters, even the ones that make us cranky, since it wouldn't be a water cooler without you. But most of all, the credit goes to the mostly-silent readership (over 90% of whom have never commented) of BlueOregon -- since without you, there wouldn't be any point.

So, our deepest thanks to all of you.

Later this week, we're going to post our second readership survey, but until then, use this space to tell us how BlueOregon can be made even better as we start our third year.

  • Sandra (unverified)

    Happy Birthday! I'm one of the silent readers who never comment, but visit daily. Thanks for building such a great resource and moderating a ceaselessly interesting dialogue. Keep it up.

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    Thanks, Sandra, and now you've commented! Easy, painless, fun. Hope you comment more... we do want to hear from you (and the rest of you, too!)

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    Happy Birthday big Blue! I learn a lot here, and it sure helps to know there are other progressives thinking, acting and strengthening our movement to a better world. I especially appreciate the calls to action and information about statewide politics that I don't get anywhere else.

    Kudos, and onward!

  • Former Salem Staffer (unverified)

    Keep up the good work. You guys will be surprised at how influential this site will become over time. Way to keep the discussions going. I look forward to more interesting posts and comments from all over the state.

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    Happy B-day from someone who abuses the privilege of commenting!

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    Life wouldn't be the same without Blue Oregon, but you guys need new photos of yourselves.

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    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Blue Oregon! Happy Birthday to you!

    And many more...

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    BlueOregon has been an enormous asset in my attempt to understand the politics of the state I call home. Thank you.

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    you guys need new photos of yourselves.

    Yeah, Jesse's lost weight, so he definitely does. Not so much for me, and Jeff doesn't have any weight to lose.

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    I moved to Oregon in search of some peace from New Mexico politics and what do you know...Thank you, Kari, for inviting me to participate and thanks to the folks that read. It's been lovely and I look forward to more writing!

  • Randy Leonard (unverified)

    BlueOregon has become, often times, the only outlet I have to state my position on a variety of topics...unfettered.

    I appreciate BlueOregon a lot and am very proud of being a charter contributor.

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    congratulations on a great project! this is at the top of my bookmarks and has been for a long time. i learn so much here, from Russel Sadler's history lessons to what sorts of things i cannot write no matter how hard i try! it's great we've got Blue Oregon. no matter how many trolls and redskies show up, the blues and progros make this a site full of energy, ideas and wisdom.

    and remember: when we get ready to celebrate your 4th anniversary, we'll be within spitting distance of the end of Bush. something to look forward to!

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    ...Jeff doesn't have any weight to lose.

    Well, I wouldn't go that far. But far more alarming are these snow-white hairs that are starting to pop up in my beard. When we started Blue, I was a (relatively) young man!

    As to thanks, I think we owe an extra-special big thanks to Randy Leonard, who took the plunge very early as a contributor and gave us some instant street cred. I'd like also to thank the contributing guest writers who beam us manna from cyberspace--enriching this site in ways we could never manage alone.

    Props also to Kari, who by virtue of having the keys to the software, has often had to function as the central editor and caretaker--often unpopularly. (But to his critics, let me ask--how would you all like the job of wrangling all the posts, comments, emails, and press releases associated with this site? Ain't easy.) And Jesse has my gratitude as a guy with serious courage for jumping last-minute into an actual campaign. Me, I'll stick with blogging at a safe distance...

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a glass of Metamucil waiting.

  • AndyN (unverified)

    Thanks for keeping this site up. I try to read it every few days. As an Independent, I appreciate the fact that most of your moderators tolerate a diversity of views, even it I do get flamed by a few of your commenters who believe in the political equaivalent of ethnic cleansing for not toeing to the liberal litmus test. I'll never be a Democrat, (or a Republican for that matter), but I do appreciate the opportunity to hear, and discuss your perspective on the issues. I hope you can maintain the civility that is lost on a lot of the other left-wing blogs.

    Happy Birthday.

    Oh, and keep Russell Sadler happy will you? I enjoy his columns here.

  • Ed Bickford (unverified)

    Ah yes, thanks for giving trolls unlimited space to inflate their egos with hot air! Gotta love that.

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    After much thought I finally figured out what I like best about BlueOregon (well, actually, it just popped into my head in the shower--but subconscious thought counts, right?)

    Where else can I go to be a reactionary, DLC-loving, commie pinko liberal Oregonian?

    Oh, of course, I also find a lot of the posts here useful and enlightening. ;-)

    Thanks, guys.

    <h2>P.S. Nonsense Kari, you are much better looking in real life than that picture lets on.</h2>

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