Interested in blogging the session?

The state capitol now has free wi-fi for visitors, lobbyists, legislators, staff, activists, and... bloggers. From the O:

The State Capitol now offers free wireless Internet access to visitors... The new wireless arrangement means visitors can access e-mail and Web sites by using their own equipment inside the Capitol or by using free public computers in Room 347, the Legislative Library and Public Access Room. It also will allow people testifying before legislative committees to access the Internet for their presentations.

Apropos of that, here at BlueOregon HQ we're hoping to find a couple of regular contributors who will be in Salem during the legislative session. Folks who can share the blow-by-blow, pass along rumors and gossip, and provide some insight and commntary. Maybe you're a lobbyist, a legislator, an activist, or maybe you're a student - and we could call it an internship.

If you're interested, get in touch with Kari Chisholm.

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