Fired Up Missouri calls out Loaded Orygun

As Oregonians learned yesterday, Governor Ted Kulongoski has chosen to side with the Oregon State Beavers in the upcoming Sun Bowl -- over his home state alma mater, the Missouri Tigers. The Governor made a bet with Governor Matt Blunt (R), with each offering up "the best" their state had to offer.

As part of the wager, Governor Blunt has offered Kulongoski a selection of Missouri branded beef, award-winning Missouri wines and an AgriMissouri basket containing Show Me BBQ, Fitz’s Root Beer, blueberry amaretto syrup from Persimmon Hill Gourmet Foods and apple butter from Bekemeier’s Fruit Butters if the Beavers triumph.

In the event of a Tiger victory, Governor Kulongoski has agreed to provide Blunt with a bounty of Oregon goods including a large selection of premium Oregon craft microbrews from the Oregon Brewer’s Guild, three full wheels of globally-recognized Rogue Creamery bleu cheese, and a sampling of fresh Oregon seafood.

Over at Loaded Orygun, blogger TJ thinks Missouri's wager wasn't quite up to Oregon standards:

Geez, not even the President has had to struggle with a trade imbalance this bad. ... What does Missouri get if the Beavers lose? Some of the best beer in the nation, from the state that has more breweries per capita than any other in the US. Kick-ass cheese. And succulent dungeness crab, since we're in season.

How is that fair? If these were two prize packages in the Price is Right showcase showdown, I wouldn't even deign to bid on Missouri's offering. If the men's 10,000-meter winner at Prefontaine got Oregon's package and the women's winner got Missouri's, she'd sue. If we sent Missouri's basket to Guantanamo, they'd hunger strike. If a death row prisoner asked for Missouri's gifts as a last meal, they'd retroactively find him not guilty via insanity.

And now, influential lefty blogger Roy Temple (a former chief of staff to Democratic Governor Mel Carnahan) is defending the Republican Governor.

At his blog, Fired Up Missouri, Temple stands up for Missouri:

This may come as a surprise for regular Fired Up! readers, I am actually going to defend Governor Blunt against the charges that he has offered up inadequate bounty in the unlikely event of a Missouri loss.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with Fitz's root beer, despite the views of some blogger in "Orygun."

And secondly, should Missouri lose, which they won't, Governor Kulongoski wouldn't be the first politician to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of such a bet.

Senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry thought the bet over the [Patriots/Rams] Super Bowl with Senators Kit Bond and Jean Carnahan wasn't fair either. Kennedy and Kerry offered up a Legal Seafoods clambake, Carnahan and Bond--Ted Drewes [frozen custard]. But you certainly didn't see any complaints from either Kerry or Kennedy at the press event where the bet was paid off. Then again, it could have been because both Kerry and Kennedy had their mouth full of Ted Drewes.


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    Sorry Mizzou..but TJ has a point on the wine and the seafood. Missouri is so getting the better end of this bet.

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    We're talkin root beer here.Root Beer!. Not Beer, not hand crafted ale, but root beer. That's the best Mizoo can "show me".

  • Jon (unverified)

    I'm surprised that Blunt didn't make a wager closer to his own heart:

    If Missouri wins, Oregon has to fly the Confederate Flag.

  • ben (unverified)

    The summary of your site says:

    "Created by Jon Perr, Perrspectives has a simple though immodest mission: to help renew the American social contract and restore national unity."

    Crashing a thread about football wagers to allege racism against GOP politicians four states away has got to be the most creative way I've ever seen to do THAT.

    I know the trolls aren't supposed to be fed, but I just wanted to skyline your hypocrisy, sir.

    It's that sort of bomb-throwing that makes effective discourse unreasonably difficult, regardless of the convictions of the folks involved.

    ...And I think the bet founders for Missouri in large part because their good stuff has a bit in common with our good stuff, except that we're closer to things like volcanoes and oceans.


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    "...And I think the bet founders for Missouri in large part because their good stuff has a bit in common with our good stuff, except that we're closer to things like volcanoes and oceans."

    We have a winner!

  • THE WOLFE (unverified)

    When did missourians discover the internet?

  • unrepentant liberal (unverified)

    I think Missouri's offering, after the beef and barbecue is decidedly on the thin side. And after all, if your not betting some Ted Drews, its not a bet worth taking.

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    I think the controversy is kind of cute. Even as an Oregonain I won't root for the Beavers (nor the Ducks). I do have to agree Missouri is getting the better end of the bargin if they win.

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    And I now believe this marks the most talk over the Sun Bowl in the history of the third-tier bowl's existence. Congratualtions to Brut (by Fabrege!), the sponsor of this fine game. I'm happy to say I had to look that up.

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    <h2>Gotta say, this would be a lot more fun if Roy's "defense" were a little more heartfelt! Call me crazy...but am I the only one detecting a little sarcasm there?</h2>

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