Smith '08: Darlene Hooley is out

Over at the Oregonian, they're reporting that Rep. Darlene Hooley has made it official - she's not running for Senate:

"She's not going to run for Senate," said Joan Evans, Hooley's chief of staff.

This year Hooley was appointed to the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee. She also sits on the Budget Committee and the is the vice-chairwoman of the Science Committee's Investigations and Oversight subcommittee.

"She's very pleased with her clout in the House of Representatives," Evans said.

In fact, according to the most recent "power rankings" from, Congresswoman Hooley has the most power of any member of the House delegation -- though Congressmen Peter DeFazio and Earl Blumenauer are close enough to rate "similar power" according to the study.

And because of the shift in majorities, all three of them are already more powerful than Senator Gordon Smith -- and Oregon ranks #10 out of 50.


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    During and since his impressive showing in the DPO Chair election, I've heard people speculate about Dan Carol's viability as a statewide candidate. Low name recognition, but wow, is he sharp.

  • Pat Malach (unverified)

    Given Hooley's votes on the corporate-sponsored (moral) bankruptcy bill, the estate tax repeal and other corporation-($$$$)-backed legislation, I'd say liberals are better served not giving her a more powerful platform and instead look to less cynical straightshooters like Steve Novick.

  • Phil Jones (unverified)

    "It's not over until...."

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    Those power rankings are interesting. They look at three dimensions, two of which are well-known--"position" (tenure + committee assignments), and legislation success. The third is more interesting--"influence." According to the site, the third-most influential Rep is Jeb Hensarling, two places more influential than the Speaker. Cool stuff...

  • Too Bad Leo (unverified)

    Not cricizing you Leo, but I was there too and started supporting Prichard (though w/out a vote in the back of the room). But Carol totally won me over by a mile. Too bad the GLBT caucus thought getting delegates the national convention was more important than who would do the best job.

    I look forward to hearing more from Carol b/c I'll be following him in whatever he decides to do instead.

    It would be ironic to win the party's nomination for US Senate, but be snubbed by party insiders for chair. It'd really show how relevant all the county party bosses really are.

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    Speaking of Smith... Smith was alone in breaking ranks with his GOP Senate caucus in voting for the S.J.Res. 9 the joint resolution to revise United States policy on Iraq.

    So now Smith is officially on record of "cutting and running". Wonder how that will be playing in GOP-world?

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    I'm sorry, but rating Darlene Hooley ahead of Peter DeFazio in terms of congressional influence is loony.

    Do people remember the last Transportation Bill? Do they know how long it is until the next one? Do they know who's chairing the subcommittee that is already holding hearings on what goes into that bill? This may seem mundane to a lot of folks, but for a state like Oregon this is huge.

    The only Oregonians to serve longer in the U. S. House of Representatives were Willis Hawley and Al Ullman, both of whom were Chairs of the Ways & Means Committee.

    I must respectfuly dissent from this ranking.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    I would vote for Hooley but only if she represented "Anybody But Smith."

  • ReadTheFinePrint (unverified)

    Jack Roberts has ample basis to dissent from this ranking, as do I. If people look at the fine print, the "Power Score" is based on three components:

    1) "Position" - meaning what committees a person has been appointed to by virtue of seniority more than anything else.

    2) "Influence" - ability to actually direct the congressional agenda

    3) "Legislation" - ability to author, pass, and amend legislation.

    If there is nothing malfunctioning with the website, Oregon's entire delegation rates a big, fat "0" on "Influence" and "Legislation". The entire power ranking for each of our legislators is solely based on the "Position" criteria. In all of their cases, this seems to be because they have managed simply be there without accomplishing anything because Oregonians, and in this case Democrats, have been too stupid and lazy to actually choose legislators that are capable of advancing important causes, as measured by national impact.

    Jack Roberts points out that DeFazio is virtually alone in the Oregon delegation in getting the blood going at times on issues that matter.

    Thank god Hooley is out, we already have one "under performing" Democratic Senator. We need to get someone who actually has competence to offer (And I am far from sold on Novick on that measure.)

    My choices, unfortunately, don't want to run: I'd like to see Kitzhaber because the clout of a Senate seat, even as a junior Senator, would give him the platform needed to really move on health care reform.

    After that I'd like to see DeFazio because he seems to actually ight more for Democratic values more than the rest of the miserable lot in our delegation combined. Through longevity, he has managed to achieve clout in the House, so he seems disinclined to run also.

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    ReadTheFinePrint and I may disagree on the competence of Novick, but we agree that Peter DeFazio would be a great candidate and Senator. I am quite fond of Senator Wyden, but I gave DeFaz $1000 in the primary in '96 and don't regret it. I disagree with ReadTheFinePrint's description of the rest of ther delegation as "miserable" but DeFaz is indeed a magnificent defender of Democratic values.

  • steven andresen (unverified)

    "...So now Smith is officially on record of "cutting and running". Wonder how that will be playing in GOP-world?.."

    Doesn't matter what some think in GOP-world so long as he is re-elected as a republican. Being against bad government and bad wars will get Smith re-elected in Oregon as far as I can see.

    Will the Democrats in Oregon be able to challenge that position? I doubt it. Dems here oppose the war and oppose the work of Bush's DOJ. No Dem who supports Bush will get elected.

    What other issue can they develop?

  • Barney Gorter (unverified)
    <h2>The attack of Darlene Hooley regarding her votes on bankruptcy and the estate tax are misdirected. Part of the bankruptcy bill contained a provision for improving the equipment of our soldiers serving in Iraq. Representative Hooley was honor bound to support this based on her commitment to these troops. Her position on the estate tax has changed from repealing it to raising the limits at the bottom end. The absurdity of serving corporate interests does not merit response.</h2>
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