Q1 Fundraising by Oregon Dems

Over the weekend, the FEC started making available all the first-quarter 2007 fundraising numbers. Normally, these things wouldn't be of interest - except that the upcoming Senate race seems to bear at least partially on fundraising capacity.

Here's the rundown.

David Wu raised $95k - giving him $515k cash-on-hand.

Earl Blumenauer raised $92k - giving him $405k cash-on-hand.

Peter DeFazio raised $24k - giving him $106k cash-on-hand.

Darlene Hooley raised $72k - giving her $84k cash-on-hand.


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    A half-million dollars and he won re-election by 63% in '06? What's Wu running for?

  • Adam (unverified)

    I'd be interested to see how Oregon's Republicans are doing, to put these numbers in context a little.

  • hanz (unverified)

    What's Wu running for?

    Follow the money and find out "who" Wu is running for. "Who woos Wu?" Sounds like a romantic comedy.

  • David (unverified)

    Although Wu appears pretty safe, his district is close enough that if he has a bad year and the Rs have a good one, he could lose. He's raising $ in an attempt, a very typical one I might add, to appear strong so as to ward off potential challengers.

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    Walden: Contributions: $73,341 Cash on hand: $408,903

    It took me a while to find Gordon Smith, since he's not listed under Oregon. You have to look him up under Virginia. But then that doesn't show the new reports -- only those for several years back.

    I've tried searching nationwide on both "Smith" and "Gordon." I'm guessing his committee name must be something that doesn't have his name on it? Anyone have any insight?

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    The timeline for US Senate information being posted online is much slower than for the House.

    The Senate exempted themselves from filing electronically via the FEC. Instead, Senate campaigns keep their records electronically, then print out paper reports, which are then (after delivery to the Clerk of the Senate) scanned back into electronic format. Those are graphics, not data, so activists and advocates then rekey the info into databases.

    That takes a while.

    And it's a travesty. Senators that support that ridiculous procedure should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Thanks for breaking that down, Kari.

    Anybody got a citation handy for Smith opposing Death with Dignity or minimum wage increases? (i.e. a specific story in a major news pub, or a link to a vote?)

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    You're right. That should be changed.

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    <h2>Thanks, that's a big help.</h2>
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