Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) responds to DeFazio's "Simpsons" Complaint

Well, the controversy over the true home of The Simpsons seems to be escalating. In response to Congressman Peter DeFazio's call for an investigation, Congressman Peter Welch (D-VT) - who represents Springfield, Vermont - has issued a retort.

In its entirety:

Well, Hi-Dilly-Ho-Dilly Neighboreeno DeFazio,

This whole thing sounds like a bad case of sour Oregon cherries.

Investigations by U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez? I trust that Mr. Gonzalez has his hands full with another individual who calls Vermont home. Okiliydokily?

"What does Vermont have? Maple syrup," you wrote. Homer has made his roots clear, asserting to Marge "I just want to drink a nice glass of syrup like I do every morning." Spoken like a true Vermonter.

And cows voting on the internet? That may happen in Shelbyville, but pure Vermont pride carried us over the top.

Really, don't have a cow man!


PS: Please enjoy the accompanying Vermont products and I hope you will join us at the premier this Saturday in Springfield, Vt. Our 100-seat theatre certainly can hold one more!

Doh! Discuss...

  • waste of space (unverified)

    I'm finding the Senate all-nighter on Iraq much more important right now. Homer, time to switch channels. How about a Simpsons "we're at war and we don't want to be episode". Then, I'd be a little teensy weensy more interested in this "debate"....

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    Faker! No way Flanders would say "Ho-Dilly." It would simply be "Hidilly-ho."

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    OT: The submit a guest column link/page is not working. I was hoping to send you a pice that is posted over at on tonight's filibuster and whether or not Gordon Smith will pull a Bob Packwood.

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    Hey "waste of space,"

    The primary duty of our representatives is to help us relate to one another, in order to resolve issues in a collaborative manner. Building in a relationship in a public way, using some humor, is an excellent way to achieve that. It takes constant work to improve the conditions for collaboration in Washinton.

    Humor and lighthearted banter are important to building relationships. Public displays of affection like this break down the notion that "all our elected leaders do is fight, so why should I bother to pay attention."

    So loosen up, or else go back to Shelbyville.

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    I was commenting on an earlier thread that Blue had been a little remiss in the comedy department, so I say leaning on HOME STATER Matt Groening is a good move. Vermont--psshaaw. Obviously not the true Springfield. You either know where it is or you kid yourself. And we know where it is.

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    OK, sure. We all know Matt Groening based Springfield on Oregon's Springfield. And Vermont stole that from us.

    But we stole Thom Hartmann from them.

    So let's call it even, OK? I'm not even sure they got the better end of the deal.

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    Thom Hartmann for Matt Groening? On what planet would that be considered a good deal? As a native New Englander, I do have an affinity for VT but I still think that Oregon was robbed of our rightful title as the true inspiration for Homer and all things Simpsons. Kudo's to Rep. Peter DeFazio for taking it to the next level and fighting for the donut loving people of Oregon.

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    The submit a guest column link/page is not working.

    Fixed. Thanks. 2 of 3 worked, one didn't. Ugh.

  • Eric J. (unverified)

    Vermont is good place to live --- if you are a Maple Tree that is....

  • js (unverified)

    Count me in the "thanks for the breath of fresh air" camp. The Dalai Lama movie that's playing at Cinema 21 reminded me that, perhaps especially in tough and desperate times, we musn't forget our humanity. Among other things, it's what helps us get up and get back to working on a solution day after day.

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    No Val, it was California that stole Matt Groening from us. Vermont just stole the naming rights for Springfield. And for that exchange, I'm happy with Thom.

  • waste of space (unverified)

    my apologies to all for ruining the fun.

    fun episode suggestion: Bart signs up and gets shipped to Iraq


  • waste of space (unverified)

    then, his non-armored humvee gets blown up by an IED. He ends up losing his skate-boarding leg - DUDE!!!! And then, he's got to be shipped back to the States for recuperation, maybe some time in a VA hospital, but he's suddenly got amnesia, and can't remember where Springfield is, and so all of the governors from all the states with Springfields meet his plane in DC and try to welcome him home and they are there with limos and specialists to take good care of him...

  • oregonatheist (unverified)

    Get bent Reverend Killjoy! Let us have our fun. There's plenty of seeeeerious blogspace for you out there. For every crotchety complaint that you've wasted time posting here, you could've been out there somewhere in the blogosphere pointing out the follies of the Iraq war to millions of us progressive Americans who have no idea how badly the war sucks...

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