Celebrating Oregon Summer

Paul Gronke

It's lunchtime, and I'm sitting down to Oregon's summer bounty.  I'm spreading some goat cheese that I bought at the Moreland farmer's market on a slice of bread from Grand Central.  On top of this, I crumble some smoked salmon from Tony's, and top it off with some tomatoes from my garden.  Does it get any better than this?  YUM!

We're only two weeks away from the autumnal equinox, and the approach of what looks to be a long hot fall and spring of politics.  The presidential contest is in full swing nationally, and here in Oregon, we've been arguing senatorial politics for a month already.

In the interests of celebrating our great state, in the interests of remembering those sunny days of August, and, of course, in the interests of community

Share with us your best thoughts of Summer 2007...

  • Kitty C (unverified)

    It is a beautiful day here in Medford. Clear blue sky's, maybe a few degrees to hot, but dinner in the evening at the club looking over the golf course is heaven.

  • Ben Hubbird (unverified)

    I think I will always remember the two great musical weekends of summer 2007 -- PDX Pop Now and Music Fest Northwest. Literally, what, hundreds of amazing bands over 6 days. We are blessed here in Portland. Truly blessed.

    And big ups to Commissioner Sam for recognizing this and kicking off both weekends with a party at city hall!

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    The most memorable summers are those in which absolutely nothing memorable occurred.

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    My family camped in a "yurt" in SW Washington (ok not really Oregon) for the first time, in Cape Disappointment state park. What a great location! Just 400 feet from the beach, sunny days, nice evenings at the Yurt or in nearby Astoria. Nice time.

  • jamie (unverified)

    My husband found enough energy this week -- in the midst of his chemotherapy -- to be able to chop a lap full of veggies (he cooks sitting down lately) and make a fabulous orzo, summer squash, and fresh basil salad for our supper. Simple moments and simple foods define our lives now. I'm sure I'll long remember this summer, with both sadness and affection.

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    Other than the fog that wouldn't burn off, it was a beautiful day in Lincoln City. Sun, sand, and Mo's... hard to beat that. ; )

    It was our one last little trip before Abby starts school on Wednesday.

  • paul (unverified)

    Kind thoughts and prayers, jamie. It's good that he can cook and eat. I lost a friend to cancer last year at this very time of the year.

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    Last year our new raised bed garden was a bust. This year it went insane! We had so much fresh veg (as do my neighbors) we were swapping goodies with everyone. I just wish we had a mozzerella tree to go with all the tomatoes and basil.

  • Albert (unverified)

    mmm - visits to Breitenbush, the Oregon Country Faire, NeTarts rented house for a weekend, Cape Lookout, biking at night in Portland, SummerLake Hotsprings in Paisley on the way back from Burning Man. It's been a magical summer.

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    For our family, it's the incredible two weeks we spent in Manzanita in August. I had a realization while there: you don't need to fly anywhere to have the most peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. It's all here.

  • Urban Planning Overlord (unverified)

    When it comes to tomatoes in the Willamette Valley, it's really an equinox bounty, not a summer bounty. My tomatoes are finally turning red after labor day. My Grandma in Modesto had red beefsteak tomatoes by the end of June.

    But other than that, I prefer Oregon summers. There really isn't any better climate for temperate region summer produce in the nation.

  • roland c (unverified)


    As a teacher, you should be aware that this post sounds strangely like those "what I did over my summer" reports that were assigned at the beginning of every new school year in elementary school.

    <h2>I guess it is a fuzzy, feel-good article, but what is it doing on BlueOregon?</h2>

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